After you apply through QTAC

What happens next?

You’ve applied to study by putting an application in with the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC), but what happens next? Find out more about important dates, accepting offers and getting started at uni.


What is my selection rank?

If you have completed school and received an OP or other school results, this will be converted to a selection rank. You may also have a rank based on work experience, or study at TAFE, a private institution or a university.

You can find out your selection rank:

  • via the QTAC applications website if you've submitted a QTAC application
  • by calling QTAC on 1300 467 822 if you are not a QTAC applicant.

You may be able to determine your rank by using the information and tables for post-school and mature-age entry.

I'm worried I won't get into the course I want

If you don't get your first preference, changing into your dream course can take as little as a year. Always have a backup plan and include admission pathways in your QTAC preferences. Find out more about ways to get into the course you want.

I want to change my preferences

The final date and time to change or add preferences is related to the offer round you are hoping to receive an offer in and whether or not your course preferences are being offered in that offer round.

Thursday 31 May 2018 is the final date to apply, submit documentation and change or add preferences for the 7 June 2018 major offer round. You won't be able to make any preference changes after this date. The Bachelor of Podiatry (Graduate Entry) has an earlier closing date of 26 April 2018. Check QTAC key dates for more information.

If you're offered a place in an early offer round but would like to study another course offered in a later offer round, you can rearrange your preferences after you receive the early offer by conditionally accepting, rejecting or deferring the offer. By doing so, you'll be able to accept the new offer for your higher preference in a later offer round. Find out how to order and change your QTAC preferences.

How do we choose students for places at QUT?

Because there are usually more students applying than the number of places available, we choose students in order of their OP or selection rank - the higher your OP or rank, the more likely you are to get offered a place.

OP and rank thresholds for courses are only ever an indication - we determine thresholds by the number of available places in a course, the number of people applying for the course, and their OPs or selection ranks.

If you haven't already applied for entry you can check out our step-by-step guide to applying.

Receiving my offer

When are offers made for QUT courses?

QTAC will notify you by email if you have received an offer. You'll also be able to see your application status in the applicant portal on the QTAC website.

QUT will make offers via QTAC from 19 April 2018. The major offer round for Bachelor of Podiatry (Graduate Entry) is 3 May 2018. The major offer round for all other courses is 7 June. If you don't get an offer in the earlier offer rounds and you're eligible for entry, you will be considered for the major offer round on the basis of your selection rank.

QUT may participate in later top-up offer rounds depending on course vacancies.

Are selection rank adjustments included in early offers?

Yes. Where selection rank adjustments for Year 12 subjects, START QUT, the Educational Access Scheme or elite athlete entry are available, they will be included for the early offer rounds. If not available, they will be included in the major offer round.

Responding to my offer

Check your emails regularly as QTAC will advise you of an offer by email. You'll be able to view or print your offer letter from the QTAC website.

You'll need to accept your offer by the due date and time specified in your offer letter.

Once you accept your offer, you'll be able to enrol in your course. If you decide to accept the offer, you can do so via the QTAC website.

You will need to log in to your QTAC My Application:

  • Select the Offer Details page
  • Accept your offer via the Respond to Offer page
  • Re-select on Offer Details page
  • Click on the 'Enrol at QUT' link from the QUT website.

Responding to early offers

If you receive an early offer you must accept, defer or reject your offer by the specified response date. If you do not respond, you will not be considered in any further rounds.

Responding to my offer if I'm away

If you're going to be away and unable to access the internet as offers are being made, you need to ensure that you've nominated someone else via your QTAC application who is authorised to act on your behalf in your absence.

What happens if I don't respond to my offer in time?

If you don't respond to your offer in time and your offer status changes to 'lapsed', you can contact QTAC to have your offer reinstated. You need to respond to your offer by the specified response date.

Deferring my offer

You can choose to defer your offer. You can defer the start of your study for one year for most courses.

Didn't get the offer you wanted?

Check the status of your application through QTAC's online application service. If you don't understand or don't agree with the reason you haven't been made an offer for the course you want, contact QTAC.

If you have an offer but it's not your preferred course, you can choose to conditionally accept your offer. This means that you can take up an offer in a later offer round, or keep your existing offer if you do not receive another offer. In the meantime you can:

  • reconsider your QTAC preferences so that even if you miss out on your preferred course, you can still get into an alternative study area, or undertake further study to get into the course you want.
  • change or reorder your preferences to be considered in future offer rounds. Be aware that QUT course offerings in the top-up offer rounds depend on course vacancies, and the thresholds may be higher than the major offer round. Check the QTAC website to see what course vacancies still exist for top-up offer rounds.

Didn’t get a QTAC offer?

If you didn't receive a QTAC offer, check some of the reasons your application may not have been successful.

You received an offer for a course you didn't apply for

Check which course you nominated:

  • Is the QUT code correct?
  • How are your preferences ordered?

If there is an issue, contact QTAC.

Getting ready for study

Enrolling in my course

You'll receive your QUT username and password once you've accepted your offer, and you can then log in and enrol in your degree. You can also set up your QUT email account and update your personal details.

Registering for classes

Class registration opens on different days for different courses between 4 and 6 June 2018. We'll let you know when you can register for your classes.

Classes commence on Monday 23 July 2018.


Orientation is essential to ensure a successful start to university life.

Orientation week for Semester 2, 2018 is held 16-20 July 2018, and some activities take place earlier. We'll notify you of orientation events and how to register so you won't miss out.

Moving to Brisbane to study

If you need to move out of home to study at QUT, there's plenty of support to help you plan your move and settle into life at university. Find out more about moving to Brisbane.

Meet new friends

You'll meet heaps of new people and make great new friends at university. Join a club, or get involved in sports and activities with our vibrant student life.

Disability support

If you have a disability, injury or health condition (which may be permanent, temporary, episodic or fluctuating), we encourage you to find out more about our disability services and contact a disability adviser to ensure support services are in place for the start of first semester. Disability support is free, confidential and won't appear on your student record.