Study level

  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours


Topic status

We're looking for students to study this topic.

Research centre


Associate Professor Pamela Pollock
Associate Professor
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Health

External supervisors

  • Dr Vicki Whitehall (QIMR)


Colorectal cancer is a very common disease, with over 15,000 new cases diagnosed in Australia annually. Metastatic colorectal cancer describes advanced disease that has spread beyond the primary site. This is very aggressive and incurable in the vast majority of these patients. To improve outcomes for colorectal cancer, we are using cutting edge genomic and cell biology techniques to understand disease heterogeneity and optimise drug response. We are developing novel therapeutic interventions based on unique molecular signatures and are testing these using organoid models.

Approaches/skills and techniques

  • Genomic techniques including whole genome sequence analysis, RNA-seq, single cell transcriptomics, spatial transcriptomics.
  • Computational biology to analyse next generation data.
  • In vitro and in vivo testing of drug combinations using 3D organoid and xenograft models.
  • Immuno-oncology including immune cell profiling and immunotherapy preclinical trials.


This study will lead to new clinical trials that will improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with bowel cancer. The student will develop a wide range of molecular, cell biology and computational skills.



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