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Associate Professor Laurianne Sitbon
ARC Future Fellow
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Faculty of Science


This project seeks to leverage recent advances in machine vision and natural language processing algorithms to support the design and development of knowledge-driven applications that support communication and collaborations with their users.

One particular area where this will be investigated is in workplaces for supported employment, that is employment opportunities for people with intellectual disability. One of the questions to address is how machines could respond to what a user shows them in order to assist with decision making in a manufacturing or office context.

Research activities

For this opportunity, we are seeking students who are enthusiastic about applying their skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning to make a difference in people’s lives, and curious about human-computer interactions approaches to achieve this.

You will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • conduct a literature review
  • articulate a specific research question in relation to the topic
  • design and conduct a research study that considers the technology, the people, and the context. In any appropriate order, and iteratively:
    • identify appropriate algorithms
    • collect or create an appropriate dataset
    • implement a prototype that includes use of the identified algorithms, trained on the collected or created dataset
    • evaluate the effectiveness of the algorithms.


The outcomes of this project will include:

  • new processes and algorithms for collaborative intelligent interfaces
  • working prototypes or software that can continue to be used by research participants
  • research papers and conference presentations.

Skills and experience

Any student eligible for the degree they apply for is welcome to take part in this project, and selection criteria include:

  • experience with applying machine learning algorithms to real-world problems, preferably image recognition or natural language processing. Experience outside of studies (self learning) will also be considered.
  • excellent writing and communication skills
  • a creative mindset.


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