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EUB209 Primary English Curriculum Studies 2

This unit provides a developed understanding of skills and processes for studying Primary English Curriculum. In this unit, you will practice and engage with current research about how educators teach children to learn about language, including knowledge of the English language and how it works, language models and pedagogical models. In the context of a real world diverse class profile, you will study the writing cycle, a language in use model, and the teaching of genre, text types, grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting. The unit supports the development of understandings that will be critical for further studies of literacies in Primary English Curriculum Studies 3 (EUB306). The units enable you to build informed professional practices for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing for the real world.

Unit information

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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education
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Dates and locations

Teaching period Dates Locations
Semester 1, 2020 24 February 2020 - 19 June 2020 Kelvin Grove
Kelvin Grove (External)
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Previous study requirements

EUB110 or EAB510

Guide to previous study requirements

To enrol in this unit, you must have completed these prerequisite units (or have credit, advanced standing or exemption for them), or be able to demonstrate that you have equivalent background knowledge.
You can’t enrol in this unit if you have completed any of these anti-requisite units.
To enrol in this unit, you must have already completed these co-requisite units, or you must enrol in them at the same time.
You can’t enrol in this unit if you have completed any of these equivalent units.
Assumed knowledge
We assume that you have a minimum level of knowledge in certain areas before you start this unit.


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