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What is a professional doctorate?

A professional doctorate is an opportunity to integrate high-level research into your professional life.

Professional doctorate students work towards resolving current industry problems by applying existing theories in new or innovative ways, or developing new, evidence-based practice.

As part of your professional doctorate, you will:

  • complete a coursework component to help transition from work to research study
  • complete a literature review
  • plan and develop a research project
  • complete a research project, or 2-3 smaller projects
  • complete project reports or publish papers that demonstrate their findings.

The combination of professional practice and research is part of our emphasis on real-world learning.

Who should consider a professional doctorate?

A professional doctorate is ideal if you:

  • have considerable professional experience
  • are seeking career development through high-level, applied research
  • want to make a substantial contribution to solving a problem in your industry.

To qualify for entry to a professional doctorate, you usually need to have:

  • successfully completed a research masters
  • graduated from an honours degree with a First Class or 2A Honours
  • or completed at least 2 years of professional practice in your field.
Diagram of the research pathways

How long will a professional doctorate take?

A professional doctorate usually takes:

  • 3 years full-time
  • 6 years part-time.

How much will it cost?

There are no fees for professional doctorates for Australian citizens and permanent residents.

You may be eligible for a scholarship to help cover your costs while you're completing your degree.

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