Your learning journey

We support learning and skills development for all our research students, at all stages of their research degrees, with our Graduate Research Education and Development (GRE+D) program.

You'll develop a real-world edge and make yourself industry- and work-ready for life after graduation. Our program guides your learning journey and helps you build your portfolio of skills throughout your research project.

Our GRE+D framework

We've designed our graduate training program around three central strengths: advance, lead and engage. Find out more about the training courses and workshops you'll be able to do once you've started your research degree with us.


Develop advanced discipline-specific knowledge. Learn how to apply critical and creative thinking. Investigate new practices that will progress inquiry.


Cultivate professional skills. Learn management practices. Build relevant experience that you can transfer to your future career.


Get authentic industry experience. Learn to work with others from different disciplines. Problem solve with an end user innovation focus.

Evaluate your skills

A skills assessment (using our specially designed HDR skills assessment tool) will help you identify gaps in your knowledge and employability. Once you understand the skills you'll need to develop, you can personalise your learning journey with our available workshops and modules.

You'll use your skills assessment throughout your degree as you continue developing your knowledge, making the most of your research experience.

Industry placements

Be ready for life after graduation with real networks and real experience.

Research students

As a research student at QUT, you'll have access to industry engagement opportunities and internships. You'll be able to practice your skills in the real world and build important connections with industry, placing you in a great position to succeed with your future career.

Industry partners

If you're in industry and you'd like to provide an internship to our research students, find out more about what's involved.

How to work with our students

More opportunities to build skills

Once you're studying your research degree, you'll have access to even more resources and tools to make sure you're developing your skills for the real world.

Online videos and resources

Skill-up on the go with videos, tipsheets, and tools at your fingertips.

Learn online and in the classroom

We offer a range of flexible options that fit into your busy lifestyle.  Furthermore we provide flexible and fully-online modules through e-Grad School Australia.

Face-to-face workshops

Join your peers and expert facilitators to tackle real-world problems in our interactive workshops.

Real-world experiences

Kickstart your career with an internship where you’ll put your skills to work and learn on the job.

Contact us

Get in touch if you've got questions about our graduate education program.

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