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  • PhD
  • Master of Philosophy


Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice

School of Communication

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Professor Amanda Lotz
Professor of Digital Media and Communication
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Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice


The Transforming Media Industries research program in the Digital Media Research Centre investigates how the business practices and cultural dynamics of media industries are adapting to profound transformations in the production, distribution, consumption, and regulation of media content in local and global contexts. We examine the operations of power and the potential for innovation, focusing especially on the implications they pose for media makers, the media they make, and their social consequences across the film, television, games, music, news, and social media industries.

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  • completed a first-class Honours degree, a research Masters degree, or a coursework Masters degree with a significant research component from a recognised institution and in a relevant discipline (media studies, communication, cultural studies, screen studies, games studies).



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