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Associate Professor Liangzhi Kou
Associate Professor
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Faculty of Engineering

External supervisors

  • Elise Kenny, Principal supervisor (QUT)


Low-dimensional and atomically-thin magnets host a myriad of exotic magnetic states. As such, they are excellent candidates for memory and logic devices in future technologies.

However, the atomic structures needed to realise these states are still not well understood.

For this reason, theoretical investigations of the electronic and magnetic properties of these materials are crucial to engineer functional magnetic materials in the future.

Research activities

This project is theoretical, with a large computational component. Research activities may include:

  • running simulations on a supercomputing cluster
  • writing code to perform numerical modelling of magnetic states (e.g. Monte Carlo)
  • solving mathematical equations including the use of quantum mechanical theory.


We aim to successfully predict or explain experimental properties for low-dimensional and atomically-thin magnets, such as magnetic ordering temperatures, magnetic susceptibility, or multiferroic behaviour.

Skills and experience

Ideal candidates will have a strong physics background and some coding experience.


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