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Professor Sharon Christensen
Gadens Professor in Property Law
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Faculty of Business & Law
Associate Professor Lucy Cradduck
Associate Professor
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law


The research will develop from Dr Cradduck's specific interest in the NBN rollout and its impact for users; and Dr Cradduck's research interest in the built environment and individuals' engagement with it. The researcher/s will seek to understand how current working and living practices impact upon our engagements with the internet. These include considering: impacts for working and home life; and/or impacts for uses of commercial and retail spaces; and/or impacts for the future of urban life. All will require review of policies and laws to sustain our engagements into the future. The proposed research methodology will adopt a mixed methods approach being: a doctrinal review of relevant laws, policies and data on internet access modes and available speeds; conducting internet based surveys; and (depending upon the level of study) possible interviews or focus groups. This topic is led by the QUT School of Law within the Consumer Policy and Regulation research group.



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