Kelvin O'shea in QUT computer lab

Kelvin O'Shea, 16 March, 2022

Kelvin O’Shea’s days are all about being creative and solving problems.

As a product designer for Clipchamp at Microsoft, Kelvin designs new features and ensures the video editing app is easy to use.

“This role utilises the perfect blend of creativity and logical thinking,” he says.

When Kelvin started at QUT, he was a long way from his information systems major and was actually enrolled in law.

“I never wrote a line of code until I was outside of high school,” he says. “But I saw that tech was where the world was going.

“My uni experience really kicked off when I switched degrees.” Kelvin moved from law to a four-year, double degree in IT and interactive/visual design.

“QUT provided the perfect double degree for my interests and occupational market,” he says.

Later, Kelvin realised QUT was more than just a place to go and study. He joined the IT club and met like-minded students and potential employers.

The best part about working in computer science? “There’s always a challenge,” Kelvin says, “and I’m always creatively problem solving.”

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Article first published by Careers with STEM, October, 2018. Updated in May, 2022.


Kelvin O'Shea

Kelvin O'Shea

Graduate, Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) / Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)


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