Scholarship details

Study levels

Postgraduate and Research

Student type

Future students and Current students

Study area

Science, technology and engineering and mathematics

What you'll receive

  • The successful applicant will receive a living allowance of AU$28,597 per annum for three years.
  • The scholarship is for full-time study and can be used to support living costs.
  • A six-month extension to the scholarship is also possible, subject to approval by QUT.
  • Successful international students will be considered for a HDR tuition fee sponsorship, if successful in receiving the scholarship.


  • Meet QUT academic and English language entry requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (IF49)
  • Recently completed degree in mathematics, engineering, physics, or other closely related mathematical field (or expecting to graduate in 2021).
  • First-class honours (H1) or equivalent (four-year Bachelor degree with outstanding GPA)

The provision of a scholarship is conditional on successful application and admission to the IF49 Doctor of Philosophy course. Eligibility for admission to a research degree is determined by the Graduate Research Centre.

Applicants will be assessed against the faculty admission requirements - Doctor of Philosophy eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Future students

Please contact Dr Robyn Araujo for more details.

Current students

Please email Dr Robyn Araujo including your curriculum vitae, academic transcript and brief statement of interest in this research project.

What happens next?

You will be invited to apply via QUT's application portal:

  1. Follow the how to apply steps.
  2. You must submit your expression of interest (EOI).
  3. Indicate your interest in this scholarship by nominating Dr Robyn Araujo as principal supervisor and include the name of this scholarship in the financial details section.
  4. If your EOI is accepted you will be invited to submit a full application including a research proposal to finalise your application.


The conditions for retaining the scholarship are set out in the rules of the QUT Postgraduate Research Award (Domestic) or QUT Postgraduate Research Award (International).

Expected start date is mid-late 2021, although this timeframe is highly flexible in view of the current COVID-19 related travel restrictions, and can be delayed until early 2022, if necessary.

About the scholarship

The PhD project will involve mathematical modelling and analysis of biochemical reaction networks and biological signalling pathways, and will make important new contributions to the rapidly developing field of Robust Perfect Adaptation (see, for example, here: The topological requirements for robust perfect adaptation in networks of any size; and here Rules that govern how cells work).  The project itself can be tailored to suit the interests of the particular student, and can either be very theory-oriented, or more focussed on applications.  The student will be based in the School of Mathematical Sciences at QUT, and will join other research students in Dr Araujo’s research group, who are working on related projects in mathematical biology.  No prior background in biology (or mathematical biology) is needed, but an interest in applying mathematical ideas to the study of fundamental problems in biology and/or medicine is essential.  The student will also be co-supervised by Dr Adrianne Jenner (QUT) and will have the opportunity to be involved in international collaborations, and to work with exciting new experimental data.

The successful applicant will hold a first-class Honours degree (four-year Bachelor degree with outstanding GPA) in mathematics, physics, engineering or a related (mathematical) field. Outstanding senior undergraduate students expecting to graduate in 2021 are strongly encouraged to apply.

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