Our Virtual Masterclass series lets you explore your QUT study options on a deeper level, giving you a first-hand experience of how our courses stay relevant to current, real-world situations, and therefore, your future career.

Hosted by QUT’s world-class professors and leaders in their field, the series explored topics across Artificial Intelligence, Creative Technology, Data, Health and Economics from August 24 to September 3 in a free online 7-part Masterclass series.

You can now view the entire recorded Virtual Masterclass series online.

In the video series you'll also hear current students sharing their experiences of studying at QUT online and their journey after COVID.

Artificial intelligence in business and law

Professor Dan Hunter (Deputy Dean of Faculty of Business and Law, and chief investigator of the Centre of Excellence in Automated Decision-Making and Society) explains how machine learning works; why it has burst onto the scene now; and how business and law will be disrupted by this new technology.

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Social media entertainment

Jake Fox (Creative Industries unit coordinator and lecturer) explores the application of social media as a creative technology and the benefit of authentic storytelling.

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Visualising data in the digital age

Knowing how to make sense of data for diverse audiences, through appropriate visual representation, is a key skill for contemporary communication professionals. Learn from Professor Gavin Sade (Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice) some of the basic concepts in data visualisation.

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Disruptors on property economics

Real estate investment market is evolving and many disruptors have played key roles in this revolution. Associate Professor Connie Susilawati walks through the property characteristics and key factors which are impacting the property investment market and what it means for investors.

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We are all made of stars... and a lot of data

Dimitri Perrin, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science at QUT discusses how you prepare yourself to make a positive impact in our data-driven world.

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Teaching public health during a pandemic

Dr Kaeleen Dingle dives into how the 2020-2021 global coronavirus pandemic has starkly amplified the many public health challenges that face a world characterised by growing inequality; ecological issues such as climate change and environmental degradation; the emergence of new (and re-emergence of old) infectious diseases; an ageing population; growing health care costs; and increased non-communicable chronic conditions driven by rapid urbanisation, obesity and physical inactivity.

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Allied health: a focus on nutrition and the many career opportunities

Dr Smita Nambiar-Mann guides you through the many career pathways that studying nutrition science can lead to, including her personal journey and current research which studies the role of food parenting practices in the development of overweight and obesity.

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