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  • PhD
  • Master of Philosophy


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Research centre


Dr Yi Lu
Senior Lecturer in Cybersecurity
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science

External supervisors

  • Dr Huaming Chen, University of Sydney


Applying machine learning algorithms to source code related SE task is rapidly developing and attracts the attention from both researchers and industry engineers. While there are many program languages available, applying such techniques, i.e., the representation learning models, for different languages may achieve different performance. Particularly, they all have their own strict syntax, which determines the abstract syntax tree. Thus, a lot of different open-source supply chain are available, for example the parsing tools are used to build AST from source code.

In this project, we will investigate the impact of such tools from open-source supply chain on the ML4SE task quality.

Research activities

In this project, you will conduct an investigation towards the analysis of open-source supply chain for ML4SE tasks and explore the impact of such related prominent tools on performance evaluation. The project will:

  • investigate the open-source supply chain on ML4SE tasks.
  • understand the impact of the tools on ML4SE tasks.

You will be expected to work with Dr. Yi Lu (QUT) and Dr. Huaming Chen (USYD) for this project.


Given some specific goals for this project, you are expected to:
  • identify the available tools on key steps for ML4SE tasks
  • build the evaluation framework, including dataset and models, for ML4SE tasks.

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you are expected to have:
  • knowledge of data mining and machine learning
  • knowledge of software analysis, such as static software analysis
  • good programming skills.


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