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Dr Hendrik Frisch
Postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow (ARC DECRA)
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Faculty of Science


Radical polymerisations play a key role in both commercial and fundamental research (45% of all world polymer production, 100 million tons per year). However, radical polymerizations still suffer from synthetic drawbacks like all-carbon polymer backbones, which largely prevent their (bio)degradability. We will develop a polymerization technique that allows to incorporate

Research activities

What motivates you to do chemistry? We are fascinated by the endless creative potential of chemistry: designing a molecule in your mind and bringing it to live with your own hands in the lab!

This project will teach you the synthesis of functional monomers. Together, we will design functional molecular structures, plan a strategy for the synthesis and finally use the toolbox of organic chemistry to synthesise those molecules (for the very first time).


You will develop novel functional polymers and test their applications.

Skills and experience

A background in chemistry and a keen interest in organic chemistry would be ideal for the project.


You may be eligible to apply for a research scholarship.

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