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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme


Creative Industries Faculty

School of Design

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Ms Marissa Lindquist
Senior Lecturer in Design
Division / Faculty
Creative Industries Faculty
Dr Tanja Tyvimaa
Division / Faculty
QUT Business School

External supervisors

  • Adj Pro Mark Trotter, Fulton Trotter Architects


This research project acts upon recommendations from the Inquiry into the Quality of Care and Residential Aged Care in Australia IQCRAC (2018) by developing an inter-generational model for senior living within school campuses in consultation with industry partners. The project differs from existing programs by establishing an economic policy-driven 'shared campus facilities and services' approach which is person-centred, health focused and socially inclusive. The model intends to be translatable across diverse Australian contexts, from urban realms where land is limited, and regionally, where closer engagement between generations will maintain social networks.

The project responds to urgent national workforce development needs and health training demand in senior living, and provides an integrated model for co-located school-based vocational pathways for youth in senior living settings. The model aims to create intentional space for co-learning, co-care, co-fitness and co-creation benefiting health, well-being, and continued learning of residents and students. The vision is to deepen relationships, connectivity, and understandings between generations. This includes improving inter-cultural understanding and decreasing social isolation for seniors.

Research activities include:

  1. Literature review of existing legislation and policy of Residential Aged Care; construction regulations and design requirements that may limit architectural design of intergenerational campuses
  2. Developing databases of existing intergenerational campuses focusing on design features
  3. Spatial mapping survey via geographic information systems (GIS) of co-located/integrated sites
  4. Developing a survey used to assess existing intergenerational cases.



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