Study level

  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


Topic status

We're looking for students to study this topic.


Dr Mohammad Asad
Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Tatheer Zahra
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering


Protection of structures has become a priority for saving lives and preventing structural collapses caused by increased natural or man-made disasters. Most injuries and mortalities in these disasters are caused due to fragmentation of structures, and therefore, structural protection through systems that can absorb more energy and effectively contain the fragments (debris) are needed. Additive manufacturing (such as 3D printing) can be used to develop special geometries called auxetic geometries and composites using sustainable bioplastics which can absorb shock energy effectively.

The aim of this project is to develop a finite element (FE) modelling method for 3D auxetic structures which will be validated through available experimental results.

Research activities

The student is expected to learn the FE software for analysing the 3D auxetic structures. Activities are:

  • learning ABAQUS software for finite element modelling through pre-recorded tutorials and supervisor help
  • modelling of 3D auxetic geometries. The designs can be new or preselected from the literature
  • analysis of FE model and validation with experiments


This research will develop an evidence of shock energy absorbing capabilities of the proposed auxetic structures which might be applied for building protection from car crashes and other disasters.

Skills and experience

A positive working attitude is ideal.



Contact the supervisor for more information.