Study level

  • PhD
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours


Topic status

We're looking for students to study this topic.

Research centre


Professor Jason Ford
Professor in Electrical Engineering
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Professor Daniel Quevedo
Professor in Cyberphysical Systems
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering

External supervisors

  • Dr Alex Leong, DST


Cyberphysical systems (CPS) integrate sensors, communication networks, controllers, dynamic processes and actuators. CPS play an increasingly important role in modern society, in areas such as:

  • energy
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare.

Due to the interplay between control systems, communications and computations, the design of CPS requires novel approaches, which bridge disciplinary boundaries.

We're interested in developing engineering science and methods for the analysis and design of CPS operating in closed loop. Our research brings together elements of control systems engineering, as well as telecommunications and reinforcement learning.

The current project builds on recent work documented in Automatica and IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.

Research activities

Successful candidates will create solutions to scheduling problems that arise in estimation and control of networked CPS.

This involves studying the mathematics underpinning some of the following topics:

  • Kalman filtering
  • stochastic control
  • Markov chains
  • reinforcement learning.


We expect the research project to give rise to

  • new scheduling and/or control algorithms
  • thorough mathematical analysis
  • useful simulation-based performance studies.

Skills and experience

You'll need to have sound mathematical skills and also some experience with MATLAB, C or Python.


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