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Associate Professor Tony Parker
Associate Professor
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Faculty of Health

External supervisors

  • Robert Flowers (Australian Red Cross Lifeblood)


At the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood) we collect, screen and manufacture blood components for clinical use. Innovative and imaginative research and development (R&D) is fundamental for the success of Lifeblood, supporting core activities, removing risk and adding value.  The role of R&D’s world class researchers is to conduct leading edge research, continually scanning the horizon for new and emerging opportunities or threats and facilitating the translation of research outcomes to the blood transfusion community and the broader health and medical research sector.  We prioritise translational research, which is accomplished through close links between research team members and the operational arm of the business. In Brisbane our R&D team is based at our Brisbane Processing Centre, located in Kelvin Grove, just across the road from QUT’s IHBI. Led by Prof. Robert Flower, our group leaders have a number of potential Honours and Masters projects available that would be suitable for QUT students.

Specific aims will depend upon the specific project; however, broadly speaking our aims are to make blood transfusion even safer than it already is, and to improve the ways that we collect, manufacture and screen blood components for clinical use.


Ngoc Minh Hien Phan, Helen Faddy, Robert Flower, Kirsten Spann and Eileen Roulis, In silico Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Human Hepatitis B Virus in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand Viruses. 2020 Apr; 12(4): 427 doi: 10.3390/v12040427

Approaches/Skills and techniques

Dependent upon the specific project, but may include any of the following: cell isolation, cell culture, tissue culture, immunoassays, large animal research, flow cytometry, nucleic acid extraction, PCR, genotyping, next generation and long-read sequencing, metagenomics and viromics, extracellular vesicle isolation and analysis, biomedical statistics,


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