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Associate Professor Viet Ngu Hoang
Associate Professor
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Faculty of Business & Law


This project investigates how a society moves to strong sustainability and sustainable development in a more efficient and equitable way. Students can choose the scale unit of analysis, such as regions, countries, states, firms, organisation, households or even individual level. The research is very inspirational. Methodological approach to the research include theoretical and/or empirical elements.

Research activities

Examples of research activities include:

  • literature review on how economic theories can be applied to design sustainable economies (of different scales and scope)
  • critical analysis of existing applications of economic theories
  • development of new models to address limitations of existing applications of economic theories
  • implications for policy and decision making
  • empirical analysis of data to present critical analysis.


Outcomes will include:

  • new ways of using economics to design more sustainable economies
  • new economic theories around sustainability
  • new empirical evidence of more efficient designs for sustainable development
  • implications for policy design and decision making.

Skills and experience

If the students would like to undertakes a theoretical approach to the research, they need to have strong knowledge in relevant domains of applied economics. If the students would like to undertake empirical analysis, then good skills of data analysis or econometrics are required.


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