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Commercial and Property Law Research Centre

Commercial and Property Law Research Centre

Solving real-world challenges

The Commercial and Property Law Research Centre is a specialist network of researchers. Our vision is to reform legal and regulatory frameworks in the commercial and property law sector through high-impact applied research.

Through our collaborations with government, industry and institutions, we aim to lead cutting-edge research that will improve and contribute to knowledge, policy and practice.

Research expertise

Regulatory policy and technology

We investigate legal and policy challenges relating to the regulation of goods and services markets, financial products and legal services.

With a focus on contemporary problems, we seek to challenge regulatory and legal frameworks to achieve a balance between consumer welfare, market competition and promoting innovation.

Our research includes:

  • the role of digital platform providers in regulation of the sharing economy
  • legal, ethical and policy challenges of robo-advice and artificial intelligence
  • impact of smart contracts and blockchain technology on contract law principles
  • consumer welfare in the digital age.

Theme leader: Professor Sharon Christensen

Debt, insolvency and restructuring

We explore issues relating to credit provision, financial distress and business recovery.

With strong connections to Australian and international insolvency bodies, our members are research leaders in areas of:

  • consumer credit and consumer debt
  • regulatory responses to personal insolvency
  • corporate insolvency and business restructuring
  • cross-border insolvency and restructuring
  • secured transactions.

Theme leader: Professor Rosalind Mason

Property law reforms

We investigate the role of property law principles as the drivers of reform in a number of areas, including land management, commodification of natural resources and the regulation of landowner rights and responsibilities in changing markets.

We promote reforms to property law frameworks to maximise social welfare and accommodate new technologies.

Our research includes:

  • reforms to improve the accessibility of land related data via technology
  • interaction of property concepts and legislative models for commodification of natural resources
  • maximising technology in land transactions to benefit consumers, while maintaining security of title.

Theme leader: Professor Bill Duncan

Our researchers

Our members are internationally recognised experts, renowned for leading and undertaking transformative research at the interface of law, technology, governance and public policy.

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