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We conduct research through a number of facilities devoted to research relevant to industry, the community and populations around the world.

Academic profiles

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Professional development

We offer short courses, weekend seminars, and tailored customised education programs for current health industry employees and people wanting to further their health career.

Learning and teaching

We work with the Australian Learning and Teaching Council on initiatives to enhance the quality of clinical education.


QUT Health Clinics

A world-class training facility where QUT students provide professional health care, under expert supervision, to the local community.

News and Events

QUT tracks racers fighting the sleep monsters

25-08-2015QUT researchers are monitoring the sleep deprivation of some of the world's best endurance athletes as they race non-stop for up to 10 days, fighting...

What are your sun protection and exposure habits? Sign up for a survey and tell all.

14-08-2015Even in winter Queensland is famous for its blue skies which make it a sun lovers' paradise but also means being sun-smart is just as...