We conduct research through a number of facilities devoted to research relevant to industry, the community and populations around the world.


Learning and teaching

We work on initiatives to enhance the quality of clinical education.


  • Clinical Supervision Toolkit
  • A just-in-time, easy-to-access resource that supports the supervision of students in the workplace.

  • Cultural Connections for Learning
  • An initiative to support international students and clinical staff to work effectively and confidently together in a clinical education environment.

Professional development

We offer short courses, weekend seminars, and tailored customised education programs for current health industry employees and people wanting to further their health career.

News and Events

Overuse of antibiotics not what the doctor ordered

19-07-2018 With increased use of antibiotics worldwide linked to growing antibiotic resistance, a world-first study co-authored by...

Tell us what you really think of your healthcare

17-07-2018 Everyone is a patient at some point in their lives and QUT is seeking 1000-plus Australians...

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QUT Health Clinics

A world-class training facility where QUT students provide professional health care, under expert supervision, to the local community.