A key capability for any successful researcher is being able to communicate their research and its impact to all audiences. QUT’s Graduate Research Education & Development (GRE+D) hosts the annual Graduate Research Student Showcase in September each year.

The event is a celebration of QUT’s graduate research student talent with the QUT Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) and Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) Grand Finals.

The 3MT and VYT are research communication competitions designed to assist graduate research students to communicate their research and its impact to a general audience.

The showcase is a public event highlighting the research of our finalists to students, staff, and the public.

2022 showcase

Join us online for the 2022 QUT Graduate Research Student Showcase on Thursday 15 September 2022 at 11:30am.

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We support our contestants 

We are invested in preparing our students through our Graduate Research Education and Development (GRE+D) framework. With specialized training and coaching in research articulation and public speaking, our students develop skills in communicating their research and its impact to broad audiences.

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QUT Three Minute Thesis (3MT®)

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an international competition which cultivates graduate students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Graduate researchers have just 3 minutes to explain their research and its significance in a compelling speech. 3MT® challenges graduate researchers to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.

2021 3MT winner

Mohammed Faramarzian

"A human-centric approach to understanding intention sharing between drivers and passengers"

Knowing how human drivers communicate with passengers helps us to enhance the way autonomous cars interact with us, putting the driver back into driver-less cars.

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2021 Finalists

Yolanda Lee Waters

2021 3MT Runner-up

To help protect the Great Barrier Reef, my research combines social science and human psychology to explore how we can motivate individuals and communities to take action on climate change.

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Shayma Mohammed Selim

2021 3MT People’s Choice Award

Every missed healthcare appointment is a missed opportunity - my research aims to find digital health solutions that can aid in tackling the ‘no show’ problem.

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Michelle Smidt

Is it the ‘thought that counts’ when organisations provide wellness programs? By exploring employees’ perspectives, we can find out.

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Somayeh Hussaini

My research helps to make robots better navigators, by building computational models of our brain.

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Thusuanthy Lavan

Which brand ‘selfie’ do you think looks more believable? I’ve created a new tool for evaluating brand selfie credibility.

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Elaiza Luker

My research investigates the strengths and weaknesses of materials used in Concentrated Solar Power plants to help better predict their behaviour, reduce risk, and bring us a step closer to a sustainable energy future.

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Irina Silva

Digital technologies and children on the autism spectrum: How are they connected?

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Visualise Your Thesis (VYT)

Visualise Your Thesis challenges graduate research students to present their research in a sixty second, eye-catching digital display. Entrants are tasked with developing a striking presentation to encapsulate their research projects in short, engaging, digital narratives.

2021 VYT winner

Md Eaysir Arafat

Md Eaysir Arafat from QUT’s Health Faculty was the 2021 QUT Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) winner. His presentation was entitled, ‘Effectiveness of Interventions for Mobile Phone Distracted Pedestrians’

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2021 Finalists

Kannan Singaravelu Jaganathan

Kannan Singaravelu Jaganathan, from QUT’s Health Faculty was the 2021 QUT VYT Runner-Up. His presentation was entitled, ‘Identifying optimal exercise parameters for post-concussion symptom rehabilitation’.

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Jasmine Jeewanthi Senevirathna Petikirige

Jasmine Jeewanthi Senevirathna Petikirige, from QUT’s Engineering Faculty was one of the 2021 QUT finalists. Her presentation was entitled, ‘Effects of drying techniques on nutritional and sensorial quality of dehydrated pineapples’.

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Yuanyuan Wei

Yuanyuan Wei, from QUT’s Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice Faculty was one of the 2021 QUT finalists. Her presentation was entitled, ‘Design-led framework of mobility home rehabilitation wearable devices of shoulder’.

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Chamali Wijieskara

Chamali Wijiesekara, from QUT’s Health Faculty was one of the 2021 QUT finalists. Her presentation was entitled, ‘A digital story to improve health eating and physical activity of young people’.

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Nuwanthi Senevirathna

Nuwanthi Senevirathna, from QUT’s Engineering Faculty was one of the 2021 QUT finalists. Her presentation was entitled, ‘Development of medicinal tea by utilising waste banana flower’.

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Brandon Mu

Brandon Mu, from QUT’s Science Faculty was one of the 2021 QUT finalists. His presentation was entitled, ‘Biodegradation of plastics by two thermophiles Meiothermus ruber, and Bacillus sp. from the Australian Great Artesian Basin (GAB)’.

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