Professor John McMurtrie

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Faculty of Science,
School of Chemistry & Physics


+61 7 3138 1220

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Faculty of Science,
School of Chemistry & Physics


Coordination Chemistry, Crystal Engineering, Framework Alloys, Halogen Bonding, Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Alloys, Organic and Inorganic Spin Systems, Structural Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Synthesis


Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural)

Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


  • Ph.D in Chemistry (University of New South Wales)

Professional memberships and associations

  • Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute

  • Member, Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand


Teaching discipline: Chemistry John McMurtrie has a strong interest in undergraduate and postgraduate education. John regularly teaches and coordinates units for 1st-year students through to Honours/Masters level units. Specialist topics include

  • Electronic structure
  • Chemical bonding
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Transition metal chemistry
  • Coordination chemistry
  • Supramolecular and metallosupramolecular chemistry
  • Coordination polymers and metal-organic-frameworks
  • Electronic spectra and spectroscopic terms
  • X-ray crystallography


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Research projects


Current supervisions

  • Metallosupramolecular polyhedra for inclusion in multicomponent co-crystals
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Aaron Micallef
  • Modulation of Spin Crossover Behaviour of Metal Complexes Encapsulated in Halogen Bonded Networks
    PhD, Principal Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Dr Aaron Micallef