Personal information such as name, address for payment, and bank account details, is collected from vendors, suppliers, customers and contractors to facilitate electronic ordering or payment of accounts as part of normal business processes. Information concerning vendors, customers, suppliers and contractors will frequently relate to business entities rather than individuals, but personal information in the form of company representatives or contacts may be collected.

Financial records containing personal information may include:

  • records of accounts payables and receivables, including creditors and debtors of the university
  • customer records of business operations, such as the QUT Bookshop and the Gardens Theatre
  • job tracking systems for service providers within the university
  • lists of contractors providing professional services in the building and project management area
  • tender documents.

Most of the records listed above are maintained in financial management information systems maintained by Finance Business Solutions. Other areas such as Office of Research Services, Facilities Management or the Bookshop will maintain business records relevant to their operations as appropriate.

Access to records is granted to staff only as required to carry out their duties. In general, and subject to systems limitations, access will be limited to administrative staff who are directly responsible for the function involved, and other senior staff in limited circumstances. External auditors from the Queensland Audit Office, and staff of both Finance Business Solutions and Assurance, Risk and Integrity Services will also have access to these records as required.

These records are not routinely disclosed outside the university.