games graduate Miles Hatcliff shares his story

Miles Hatcliff, 9 May, 2022

Game Design graduate Miles Hatcliff secured a job at Gameloft Brisbane without having to craft a cover letter and submit a CV. Instead, it was his networking skills and third-year capstone project that impressed the global video game publisher. This is Miles’s story.

How did you end up choosing this course?

I started studying law and psychology at another university and quickly discovered that it was absolutely not for me. Instead of making a choice based on careers, I decided to go for something I had always been interested in–video games.

I applied for the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments at QUT, got in and have loved it ever since. The degree gave me so many amazing opportunities. I definitely made the right choice.

What made you choose QUT?

Well, it just made sense to go to QUT. Gardens Point campus was also much more practical for me to get to. I’ve made so many valuable connections studying here.

The third-year students I met during my first year are now in industry roles, while the friends I’ve gained along the way will be forever cherished.

On top of valuable insights, the teaching staff have also provided me with endless support. For example, when I came out as transgender in my second year, my professor Peta Wyeth supported me and also ensured I felt safe and secure.

What’s one uni highlight for you?

I participated in workshops run by the QUT Game Development Club where I was able to network with industry professionals and chat about a Producer Role.

I also had the opportunity of working with one of my tutors, Adric Polkinghorne, at the Global Game Jam where I got an insight into what it’s like to work with an industry professional in a practical capacity.

Overall though, the best opportunity was the Global VR Hackathon I was able to attend in Shanghai, China where my team and I placed second.

We created a VR game where you steer your airship through the clouds whilst using cannonballs to fight off enemy sky pirates. It was an amazing opportunity to network with industry professionals in China and showcase my skills on the global stage.

Tell us about your current job

Today, I’m a QA Tester at Gameloft Brisbane. It’s my role to find and report on bugs present within our game The Oregon Trail.

I didn’t actually apply to Gameloft explicitly. I was very fortunate that I was contacted by the HR manager who offered me a role there. I met her and some other Gameloft employees at the QUT IT and Games Showcase. They were very impressed with my Capstone project and the way I presented myself and so when they had a position available 6 months later they contacted me.

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Blog article author, games graduate Miles Hatcliff

Miles Hatcliff

Graduate, Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments, QUT


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