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Science & Engineering Challenge 2022

Fun and interactive STEM challenges for high school students. 

Women want to hear from other patients before deciding on breast reconstruction

Women making critical decisions on breast reconstruction are more likely to seek out information from other patients on their experiences with new technology than rely on ‘expert’ advice according to a QUT study.

QUT wins international award for drone safety project

QUT researchers have been awarded an international prize for the development, with industry partners, of Australian Drone Facility Maps that help ensure safe and fast approvals for drone operations in city skies across Australia.

Novel way to take the pressure off spine surgery

QUT biomedical engineers with an industry partner are solving a major problem for young patients with unusual body shape undergoing corrective spinal surgery.

Design workshops

Hands-on design workshops for high school students. 

Deadly Coders

A 2-day STEM program for Indigenous Australian students