When you're applying for any of the scholarships as part of our Equity Scholarships Scheme, you'll need to supply documentation to confirm your eligibility.

You must supply all relevant supporting documents by the closing date for your application to be considered.

Required documentation

All applicants must supply:

  • individual transaction histories for all bank accounts, covering the last two months. Make sure that your name and current account balance is included. We can't accept Word, Excel or CSV files.
  • proof of income
  • proof of the income of parent(s)/caregiver(s) if financially dependent and/or living at home
  • proof of partner's income (if partnered)
  • Centrelink Income Statement for Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY or other pension or benefit if you haven't completed the Centrelink consent form
  • Australian Taxation Office Notice of Assessment for the most recent financial year (please provide us with recent payslips covering at least two months if you are unable to provide this document). If you are financially dependent on your family and/or living at home you must also supply family income documentation.

If you're eligible due to personal hardship, you'll need to indicate on the application form how your personal circumstances, either past or present, have had a negative impact on your life and your capacity to give time and attention to your studies.

Extra documentation

You should supply documentation to support your eligibility in any relevant categories.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

You must:

  • ensure you have provided your Confirmation of Aboriginality to the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT. If you need help with obtaining your Confirmation of Aboriginality from a community organisation, contact the Oodgeroo Unit.

Regional and rural evidence

You must show evidence of your rural/regional circumstances.

If you are a school leaver:

  • provide school reports from your rural/regional high school for Years 11 and 12.

If you are not a school leaver:

  • provide any official bill, tax return, document or letter from a local official, which shows your previous address in a rural/regional area for three out of four years prior to commencing your studies at QUT.

Australian South Sea Islanders

You must:

  • include a letter of support from a registered Australian South Sea Island community organisation.

The Smith Family - Learning for Life student

You must:

  • include a letter of verification (on letterhead) from The Smith Family or your Learning for Life worker.

Financial hardship

You must:

  • show evidence of significant expenses (e.g. rent, mortgage, medical expenses, major debts)
  • show other evidence of financial hardship (e.g. letter from counsellor, housing assistance, access to welfare assistance other than Centrelink).

Responsibility for others and personal circumstances

You must provide evidence of the following, if relevant:

  • Number and ages of dependents (e.g. Pension Concession Card with names listed).
  • Caring for others (e.g. doctor's letter or Carer's Benefit Statement).
  • Health and/or disability issues for self or others (e.g. doctor's or relevant professional's letter).
  • Personal circumstances (e.g. letter of refugee status, guidance counsellor's report, evidence of disrupted schooling or rural/regional isolation, doctor's letter if not provided elsewhere).