We want to help our international students find appropriate financial aid, if available. Access a range of scholarships and financial aid programs offered by governments and scholarship bodies in Australia and other countries.


  • Australia Awards - a series of scholarships, fellowships, and grants aiming to promote knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between Australia and its neighbours
  • Endeavour Awards and Fellowships - competitive, merit-based scholarships and fellowships providing opportunities for Australians to undertake study, research or professional development overseas, and for overseas citizens to do the same in Australia
  • Research Training Program (RTP) - Support postgraduate research training in the higher education sector; and provide financial support to postgraduate students of exceptional research promise who undertake their higher degree by research (HDR) at an eligible Australian higher education provider (HEP)




  • LPDP - Master and Doctoral scholarships for study in Indonesia or abroad, targeting academic excellence and strong leadership skills
  • MoRA - PhD level scholarship for lecturers from Islamic higher degree institutions under the 5000 Doktor program


  • VIED - a series of scholarships with objectives to train students at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels


  • OCSC - the Office of Education Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy is acts as a guardian for Royal Thai Government students who have been granted scholarships to further their education in Australia and New Zealand, by handling their education and associated financial affairs

Sri Lanka

  • NCAS - grants allowing academics to upgrade their degree qualifications, preferably to PhD level
  • UGC - offering joint PhD programs with University of Colombo, University of Peradeniya and University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and split/external PhD programs with these and other Sri Lanka Universities.



  • SU - study grants for those in financial need studying at university


  • Kela study grants, housing supplements, and student loans for full-time tertiary study


  • BAfög grants for young German citizens or residents studying at higher educational institutions


  • Lånekassen - support for higher education abroad and in-country while studying full-time, in the form of loans and grants


  • CSN - grants and loans for university students, as well as supplements for special situations

Latin America


  • CNPq - grants for undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees and training in the science and technology fields
  • CAPES - scholarships for PhDs, postdoctoral research, and PhD/postdoctoral internships


  • Becas Chile - overseas scholarships for education in English, internships improving technical skills, and Masters, PhD and postdoctoral research


  • ICETEX - the Colombian government entity responsible for listing grants offered by overseas countries
  • COLFUTURO - non-profit foundation providing financial support to access high-quality postgraduate study programs abroad
  • COLCIENCIAS - financing for Masters and Doctoral studies abroad


  • FIDERH - affordable loans for students to finance their graduate studies in Mexico or abroad
  • FUNED - supports students studying Masters degrees around the world
  • CONACYT - scholarships for students to study graduate degrees overseas


  • PRONABEC - postgraduate scholarships for study overseas

North America


United States of America