Leaders in Business education

We are Australia's first business school to earn all three symbols of excellence from the world's leading accrediting bodies, holding the triple crown since 2005. Less than 1% of all business schools globally have achieved triple accreditation, and we're proud to be part of this distinguished group.

How does this accreditation status benefit you?

Our triple crown accreditation status is recognised globally as an excellence indicator. No matter how you’re connected with us, we carry through this high standard with everything we do. You’ll benefit from the quality and depth of our business expertise, knowledge and capabilities.

As a student

You’ll enjoy the benefits including:

  • your degree will be recognised wherever you want to work in the world
  • your business education meets the highest standards, measured against the world’s best schools
  • your teachers meet the professional standards set by the accrediting bodies
  • the services we offer to support you academically and in extra-curricular activities are world-class.

Study with us

'My lecturers and tutors have all had experience in the real world industry and are happy to share that experience.'
Celeste Burke - Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

As an employer

You’ll enjoy the benefits including:

  • our graduates have the skills necessary to meet and exceed your needs
  • the content of our degrees accords with the expectations of employers globally
  • our programs are underpinned by high quality research and an international perspective.

Employ our students and graduates

As a partner

You’ll enjoy the benefits including:

  • the quality and scope of our research is at an international level, with an orientation towards applied practice
  • we are committed to offering joint academic programs for students, including student exchange
  • we have an extensive range of linkages to the corporate world and with professional bodies
  • international cooperation and industry relevance are key aims in all that we do.

Partner with us

'The practical learning and training that I received at QUT was and is truly representative of the current demands of business.'
John Hallam - Communications Associate, KBR

As an alumni

You’ll enjoy the benefits including:

  • your degree will be recognised wherever you want to work in the world
  • be a part of a global community of business professionals
  • access to professional development opportunities beyond your degree.

Our alumni network

Who is accrediting us

Our accreditation has been awarded by the world's leading Business School accreditation authorities:

These authorities have extensively assessed us on:

  • our programs and student learning
  • the quality of our staff
  • our international engagement and industry impact
  • our ability to continually maintain and improve these high standards.