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Professor Huai Yong Zhu
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Developing “light controllable product selectivity switches” is of great interest in cross-coupling reactions based chemical synthesis. On an environmentally friendly plasmonic metal nano-particle surface, light irradiation can change the reactants adsorption on the surface, and thus change the relative ratio of the reactants for reaction. Different wavelengths contribute to tune this selectivity more accurately in a molecular level.

Research activities

In this project, we plan to investigate the wavelength dependent adsorption of molecules on metal nano-particle surface by visualising the process. Target molecules to show selective adsorption on plasmonic metal surface when irradiated with different wavelengths. Based on the results, a wavelength dependent selective functionalisation of film surface method will be developed.


Develop a new method of biofilm surface functionalisation technology by light and plasmonic electromagnetic field, with high selectivity and efficiency.


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