Organic thin film transistors for sensors, bioelectronic interfaces and bionics

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Master of Philosophy


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Dr Soniya Yambem
Senior Lecturer in Physics
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Organic electronic devices are flexible, light weight and stretchable. This makes them an ideal candidate for integrating and interfacing with soft tissues in biological systems.

Particularly, organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) have the potential to offer low cost, easy-to-use and printable sensors for a variety of applications such as chemical sensing and explosive sensing. Additionally, OTFTs have shown great promise for applications in biosensing and interaction with the biological world.

This project aims to explore OTFTs and develop OTFT designs for advanced-sensing platforms that will have applications in lab-on-a-chip technologies, biointerface electronics and bionics.

Research activities

This project will involve extensive experimental work using a variety of sophisticated equipment, including a system of glove boxes, which can fabricate organic electronic devices in an inert environment in the Central Analytical Research Facility.


You will study all characterisations of OTFT as well as conduct a complete analysis of critical parameters in order to report on the possibilities of using the developed OTFT for sensing applications.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

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