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Dr Tracy Qu
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Faculty of Business & Law


Board interlocks research is one of the most vibrant areas in corporate governance research. A board interlock is a tie created by two firms sharing a common director. In other words, a director can hold multiple directorships in more than one firm. Board interlocks reflect complex inter-organisational relationships which play an important role in determining a firm’s strategies and structures.

Prior research finds that board interlocks have an impact on reducing environmental uncertainty, gaining access to diverse and unique information, diffusing strategies and practices, shaping the perceptions of firm quality and influencing firm performance. The project aims to fill in the gap in prior literature and provide evidence on the influence of interlocking directorate on firm decisions (e.g., operating, investing or financing decisions), noting the key role the board plays as an effective monitor and advisor in modern organisations.

Research activities

A variety of research activities could be applied to address the research topic, including literature review, data analysis, and participating in writing a scholarly paper.


Your supervisor will provide guidance and training throughout the program and you will be experiencing research and developing research skills, and contributing to a published research output (research article/report).

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We are looking for a student who has excellent written communication skills, and who can work independently and complete tasks, delivering high-quality outcomes.


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