First published 1 January 2021

Consumers online more than ever

According to the Digital 2019 Report Australia, Australian consumers are prepared to search, spend and engage online across tablet and mobiles socially within their consumer purchase experiences. With Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also having solid active user bases, commercial organisations are looking to tap into social media data related to their products.

Crystal clear social media reporting

The Digital Observatory worked with pharmaceutical company Kobayashi Healthcare Australia to provide an independent critical analysis of one of its product’s digital presence within social media platforms – the ’Clearwipe’ brand of eyeglass lens cleaner.

Researchers examined issues related to the Clearwipe brand in the Australian market and provided key insights within social media.

In conjunction with Associate Professor Shane Mathews from QUT Business School, the Digital Observatory:

  • examined public sentiment (neutral, positive and negative) to the Clearwipe brand across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and forums over time
  • identified key influencers
  • provided a timeline of key events
  • noted online discussion discourse related to the product category, and its competitors
  • made recommendations on how the company could build the brand and influence online purchase decisions.

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