First published 20 August 2018

Leila is collating the data from the Cool Runnings app project which educates people on burn prevention and burn first-aid with entertaining animations and graphics.   

The Cool Runnings app highlights common burn hazards in a fun way, providing simple burn prevention strategies, and emphasising the best first aid treatment for burns.

Leila will present the outcomes from this app project at the HealthCAM symposium at QUT on 25th September (stay tuned for the results!).

Animations from the app are now having a real world effect and have been given to burn care and child health partners around the world, for them to use in their own areas.

Other members of the Burns and Trauma research team are also working on the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

PhD student Morgan Carlton is  measuring proteins in saliva that can help us identify children who are at risk of developing anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder after a burn injury.  The team also hopes to develop a non-invasive saliva diagnostic test to predict patient wound healing and scarring.

Honours student Olivia McGifford is creating a “skin in a dish” burn model whereby researchers are growing synthetic skin in the lab which will be used to develop and test better burn treatments.

Keep up-to-date on their progress and find out more about the team behind the QUT Burns and Trauma Research here.

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