2nd October 2014

The following staff members have been promoted as part of the 2014 promotion round to Professor and Associate Professor:

Level E
Professor Axel Bruns Creative Industries
Professor Lisa Chopin Health
Professor Les Dawes Science and Engineering
Professor Marcus Foth Creative Industries
Professor Jillian Hamilton Creative Industries / Learning and Teaching Unit
Professor Margaret Lloyd Education
Professor Nunzio Motta Science and Engineering
Professor Cameron Newton Business
Professor Robert Schweitzer Health
Professor Matthew Simpson Science and Engineering
Professor Sue Walker Education

Level D
A/Professor John Banks Creative Industries / Learning and Teaching Unit
A/Professor Karen Becker Business
A/Professor Denise Beutel Education
A/Professor Vicky Browning Business
A/Professor Scott Bryan Science and Engineering
A/Professor Stephen Cameron Science and Engineering
A/Professor Susan Carson Creative Industries
A/Professor Abby Cathcart Business
A/Professor Ignacio Correa-Velez Health
A/Professor Sharon Hayes Law
A/Professor Daniel Johnson Science and Engineering
A/Professor Christine Knox Health
A/Professor Mark Lauchs Law
A/Professor John McMurtrie Science and Engineering
A/Professor Judith McNamara Law
A/Professor Yvette Miller Health
A/Professor Pam Pollock Health
A/Professor Angela Romano Creative Industries
A/Professor Gavin Sade Creative Industries
A/Professor Grace Sarra Education
A/Professor Ben Upcroft Science and Engineering
A/Professor Kirsten Vallmuur Health
A/Professor Hongxia Wang Science and Engineering
A/Professor Rumintha Wickramasekera Business

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