30th June 2016

QUT will host Australasia's first saliva research and technology symposium on Friday, July 8.

The inaugural Saliva Technology Application Research Symposium (STARS) will bring together researchers from the US, Europe and Australia to showcase emerging saliva research in immunology, biosensors, innovation and salivary diagnostics, symposium convenor Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera said.

“The symposium will be addressed by lead researchers and biomedical companies in this exciting field which is rapidly moving saliva diagnostics from the lab to the bedside,” Professor Punyadeera said.

“The beauty of saliva is that you don’t need trained medical staff to collect a sample, it is non-invasive and could allow for home-testing and monitoring by patients for a variety of conditions.

“’Saliva: the ideal specimen for liquid biopsy’ is the title of the keynote address by Dr Paul D Slowey CEO of Oasis Diagnostics in the US.”

Other topics include:

  • Changes in saliva testosterone and cortisol after exercise in different environmental conditions with a view to finding salivary markers for athlete fatigue, by QUT’s Dr Jonathan Peake.
  • Use of simple saliva tests during a visit to the dentist to detect and manage common oral conditions  by Professor of Dental Science Laurence J. Walsh from the University of Queensland’s School of Dentistry.
  • Buccal (mouth) cell biomarkers to identify Alzheimer’s disease, by Associate Professor Wayne Leifert from CSIRO.
  • Use of saliva for detecting childhood allergy by Professor Vicki Clifton from the Mater Research Institute, University of Queensland.

The symposium will be held at QUT Gardens Point on Level 5 of P Block. For details and to register click here.

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