International Law and Global Governance Program

Addressing global challenges

The International Law and Global Governance (ILGG) Program investigates issues and problems of global significance. With scholars in both public international law and comparative law, we aim to bring an Australian perspective to transnational issues of social, economic and political importance.

The ILGG has special research expertise in:

  • Asian and comparative law
  • climate change and environmental governance
  • human rights and social justice
  • international security and transnational crime

Research expertise

Asia-Pacific and comparative law

We investigate socio-legal issues in the Asia-Pacific region, and transnational comparative law.

Areas of expertise include Japanese law and society and comparative employment law.

Theme leader: Associate Professor Leon Wolff

Climate and environmental governance

We explore innovative responses to climate change and other contemporary environmental challenges.

Our research examines legal, market-based and theoretically informed policies. It encompasses the international, transnational and national dimensions of environmental issues.

Theme leaders: Dr Rowena Maguire and Dr Anna Huggins

International security

We examine contemporary international security and criminal regulatory issues relating to:

  • the use of force
  • the responsibility to protect
  • piracy
  • maritime terrorism
  • international humanitarian law.

Theme leaders: Dr Saiful Karim and Andrew Garwood-Gowers

Rights and regulation

Our focus is on rights-based approaches to civil and political issues such as:

  • privacy
  • religion
  • freedom of speech
  • rights in times of conflict.

We also investigate socio-economic rights pertaining to topics such as the environment, employment and families.

Theme leaders: Dr Bridget Lewis and Dr Carmel O’Sullivan

Our researchers

Researchers in the International Law and Global Governance program critically examine legal, institutional and regulatory responses to global challenges.

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