Ambitious organisations are eager to explore the strategic and technological options available to them. This exploration requires the ability and resources to identify and assess the environment in search of opportunities that align with their ambition.

But the curious organisation has the competitive advantage. They identify new opportunities and first moves, and they do it early. But how do you embed, nurture, or even institutionalise a curious enterprise? And how can organisations more readily identify and grasp opportunities?

For most organisations, identifying and treating ‘pain’ points has become business as usual. They identify a problem and fix it with a solution, and the cycle repeats as the business evolves. But what if they invested the same energy and curiosity into identifying and treating ‘opportunity’ points?

In this session, we'll explore pragmatic and proven approaches and lenses of innovation, which have been used by thousands of executives to satisfy their curiosity and identify opportunity - including a Brisbane-based Urban Utilities organisation that has taken the concept even further to appoint a dedicated ‘Chief Opportunity Officer’.

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  • AEST (UTC+10): 8-9am, Thursday 11 November 2021
  • EST (UTC -5): 5-6pm, Wednesday 10 November 2021


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Fiona Murray

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz

Founding Director, QUT Research Centre for the Digital Economy

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz is the founding director of QUT Research Centre for the Digital Economy, where he leads QUT’s research agenda to inform and influence a robust digital economy in Australia. He joined QUT from Silicon Valley, where he led innovation teams of one of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world, as a Senior Director at SAP.

Marek is passionate about bringing academic rigour, design mindset, and business insights together to capitalise on the opportunities of the digital age. He holds fifteen patents describing his numerous contributions to enterprise software systems.

Meet Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz

Steven D. Eppinger

Professor of Management Science and Innovation, MIT Sloan

Steven Eppinger is Professor of Management Science and Innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management where he holds the General Motors Leaders for Global Operations Chair.  Prof Eppinger teaches interdisciplinary courses at both the masters and executive levels in product design and innovation, engineering project management, and digital product management.

Dr. Eppinger’s research contributes to fields ranging from project management and systems engineering to product development and product management.  He is one of the most widely cited scholars in the engineering design and technical management disciplines.

See Steven Eppinger’s profile


Stuart Krusell

Senior Director, MIT Sloan Global Programs; Senior Lecturer, MIT Global and Economic Management Group

Stuart Krusell is a Senior Director at MIT Sloan Global Programs and a Senior Lecturer within the Global and Economic Management Group, teaching the Global Organizations Lab (GO-Lab), innovation, and global strategy. 

A graduate of Colby College and the Harvard Kennedy School, he joined MIT Sloan with the Leadership Center after serving in cross-sector senior leadership positions around the globe, focusing on the interaction between government, business, and citizens.

See Stuart Krusell's profile


Professor Rowena Barrett

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Entrepreneurship), QUT

Professor Rowena Barrett is an expert in thinking innovatively and being entrepreneurial to get things done. In leading QUT Entrepreneurship, she brings academic and practical understanding of motivations and drivers for action.

In the strategic collaboration between MIT and QUT, she and her team work closely with the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship to share learning and develop programs of benefit to QUT and MIT students.

See Rowena Barrett's profile

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