As a leading international development partner, the International Projects Unit (IPU) creates meaningful impact through the delivery of high quality capacity building programs in developing countries.

Our mission is to promote the university's engagement in international development projects and our positive contribution to development outcomes, broadening QUT's international and industry networks and contributing to our research and innovation agenda.

Areas of expertise

Since 2001, IPU has delivered more than 200 projects in the areas of:

  • health
  • leadership, governance and change management
  • business and entrepreneurship
  • education and VET
  • private sector development and capacity building.

IPU is experienced in delivering projects in South and West Asia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, PNG and the Pacific, Africa and Latin America.

Our projects

STEM education

This bespoke graduate certificate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education was delivered by the QUT Faculty of Education to a group of 26 principals and educators from Papua New Guinea over 12 weeks. The objective of the course was to equip educators with the skills and knowledge to confidently teach STEM in their classrooms and schools.

Participants have explored recent developments in STEM, digital technologies as tools for learning in a STEM environment, expanded their theoretical knowledge of STEM education and improved technical and communication skills to design, evaluate and analyse developments in STEM education.

Safety in the construction sector

This short course aimed to provide Cambodian participants with improved understanding of construction standards relevant to safety, understand best practice in strengthening industry compliance regulations, workplace health and safety legislation, explore principles of sustainable construction, inclusive design and understand the effects of climate change on built environment.

Participants included mid to senior level officers from the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, Council for the Development of Cambodia; representatives from municipal governments of Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville.

Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training

This Australia Awards Informal Learning Opportunity on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training enhanced the skills of 20 Vietnamese quality assurance specialists working in the VET sector. The five-week training program was delivered online through a variety of methods. The course covered quality assurance best practice in VET in Australia as well as more broadly in the Asia-Pacific, ASEAN, and Europe. The program was delivered successfully regardless of COVID-19 travel restrictions, and participants were engaged through fun and creative workshops, guest speaker discussions, mentoring, and team work sessions.

Social Protection Policy

This Australia Awards Indonesia course focuses on social protection policy, institutional arrangements and the integration of data between government agencies that have a role in delivery of national transfer programs.

This course was designed to provide Indonesian policy makers with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary Australian social protection policies and their evolution, with particular focus on income support to people living with disability as well as elderly populations; broader institutional arrangements for social protection policy and programming; Australian public-sector data sharing relevant to social transfers including associated challenges for evidence-based social protection policy making and implementation; and the use of current and emerging enabling technology in Australia for social protection.

PSHS scholars recognised in international competition

Our impact

Congratulations to Lilia Habacon for winning 1st Place in the QUT International Project Unit’s Impact Stories Competition 2019 – 2020.

Lilia, along with a team of six other Philippine Science High School Directors joined the Australia Awards Fellowship: “Strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education in the Philippine Education System” in 2014 and developed a six-year Curriculum Framework that is now being used in 16 campuses across the Philippines, producing top quality education for its 8,864 scholars. PSHS students and alumni consistently break records and achieve top awards in the national and international arena.

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The International Projects Unit combines our expertise in project management and delivery with QUT’s real-world innovation and research expertise.

By partnering with university experts who are leading practitioners in their field, we provide high quality, impactful programs, while our partnerships with QUT’s faculties build the capacity of our researchers and provide international consultancy opportunities to improve development outcomes.

We partner with industry both in Australia and internationally, drawing on our extensive industry, private and public sector linkages and networks to deliver cutting edge, innovative programs.

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With more than 3000 alumni, the IPU has developed a network of partners around the world. To foster and develop this partnership, QUT has established a Master of Philosophy Development Scholarship, funded by the IPU.

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