Remember QUT in your will

When you remember QUT in your will, you are supporting education, research and the community for future generations.

Your gift, whether large or small, will make a powerful, lasting difference to the community by supporting education opportunities for students, enabling groundbreaking research and creating awareness of issues with real-world impact.

We are always delighted to be involved with visionary people who are considering making a real commitment to the community's future. Everyone who pledges such a gift is invited to become a member of the QUT Bequest Benefactor Society.

After you have provided for your loved ones, please consider a gift to QUT in your will.

If you are considering updating your will or would like to know more about making a bequest to QUT, please contact our Senior Development Officer (Donor Relations and Bequests).

Suggested wording for your will

We understand that your legacy must honour and reflect your values.

We recommend that you:

  • consult with legal or other professional counsel when creating or amending a will
  • discuss with family members, and others affected by your decision, your choice to make a bequest to QUT.

If you already have a will and would like to update it with a gift to QUT, we can provide appropriate wording for a codicil if required.

The following form of wording is recommended for bequests to QUT:

Bequests for Specific Purposes

I give *(free of all duties and charges) to Queensland University of Technology (or any entity succeeding to the functions and powers of Queensland University of Technology) (“University”), and

  1. I direct my gift be applied for #
  2. I declare that:
    1. my trustee(s) may pay/transfer the gift to any entity nominated by the University which is conducted for the benefit of the University.
    2. the receipt of any officer nominated by the University for that purpose is full and sufficient discharge to my trustee(s) for payment of the gift and my trustee(s) is/are not bound to see the application of my gift.

* Details of the gift, whether cash, artworks, shares, bonds, real estate etc should be inserted here

# Details of the specific purpose should be inserted here, for example "the purposes of the Faculty of " or "research into the field of "


Senior Development Officer (Donor Relations and Bequests)
Mr Heath Mackay