You're given a parchment when you graduate from your course. You can request a replacement parchment if:

  • your hardcopy parchment is lost or damaged
  • you've changed your name.

You can also request a digital parchment if you graduated before September 2019.

My original hardcopy parchment has been lost or damaged in the post

If your parchment doesn't arrive within a month of your graduation or conferral date, or is damaged in the post, let us know through AskQUT so that we can issue you a replacement.

If you graduated more than two months ago, you'll need to apply for a replacement.

My original hardcopy parchment was issued by another institution

If you've lost your parchment and it was issued by one of QUT's predecessor institutions (such as QIT, BCAE), after you apply for a replacement, we'll issue you a substitute parchment with an appropriate endorsement identifying the original institution.

I've changed my name

You can apply for a replacement parchment if you've changed your name. You'll need to return your original hardcopy parchment and provide certified copies of either your marriage certificate, birth certificate, or deed poll along with a change to personal details (D form) (PDF file, 200.8 KB).

I'd like a digital parchment

You receive a free digital parchment through My eQuals if you graduate from September 2019 onwards. If you graduated earlier you can request a digital parchment through our Replacement Parchment form.

You'll have lifetime access to your digital parchment.

More information about accessing digital documents through My eQuals

Applying for a replacement or digital parchment

To apply:

  1. Complete the Request for Replacement Parchment (RP form) (PDF file, 304.3 KB), including the statutory declaration.
  2. Pay by credit card online through QUTPay.
  3. Submit your Replacement Parchment form, payment receipt and supporting documentation to the address on the form.

If your original hardcopy parchment was damaged, return it with your application.

Applying from outside Australia

If you're applying from outside Australia where a statutory declaration is not available, complete an equivalent declaration attesting to the truth of your statement and have it witnessed by an officer authorised to witness an oath.

A list of these officials is available on the last page of the Replacement Parchment form.


You can request a parchment at a cost of:

  • $80 per replacement hardcopy parchment
  • $25 per digital parchment.

You can pay through QUTPay.