Accessing your student information

To access:

  • your official university student record, contact the HiQ Student Centre
  • your academic record (transcript) or Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS), submit a request for an academic record. There is a fee for this service.
  • student records held by a faculty, contact the faculty student office
  • your final marks in a unit, exam papers, your answers to exam questions or other written assessment, read our access to assessment results policy
  • personal information held by other areas of the university (such as health services, counselling services, or disability services), contact those areas.

You will need to come to the relevant QUT campus to view your information, and you’ll need to provide identification (for example your staff card or drivers licence).

Costs for informal requests

There is a fee for requesting an academic record or Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Otherwise, you don’t have to pay to access your files, but we may charge a fee if you request a large number of photocopies of your records.

What we will provide to you

We'll provide your hard-copy file, as well as printed copies of any material from your electronic file that is not in your hard-copy file.

Before we supply your file, we will check it for any third-party or confidential material. We will remove any third-party material. If your file contains confidential material, our Right to Information Officer may recommend that you request access under the Right to Information process instead.

A QUT staff member will stay with you while you review your file. You must not mark, alter or reorder your file. You cannot remove or borrow any part of your file, but you can make copies and take those with you.

Formal requests under the Information Privacy Act

If you cannot get access to the information you’re looking for through informal requests, you can submit a formal request for access to information under the Information Privacy process.