Personal information concerning our staff is used to administer human resource management functions, to maintain staff electoral rolls for election of members to various university committees, and for other elections in which staff participate, and to facilitate access to library, information technology and other services which are available to staff, such as parking. Records relating to current and former staff may include the following:

  • recruitment records, including position applications, records of selection processes, records of any employment checks, evidence of previous qualifications and information relating to relocation and removal of appointees
  • appointment records (including records of casual staff) and records of leave and attendance
  • personal details, such as date of birth, home address and phone number, emergency contact details
  • salary and payroll information, including banking details and tax file number information, and salary packaging benefits
  • superannuation records
  • personal development and training records
  • performance planning and management records and evaluations of teaching performance (academic staff)
  • records of staff health and safety requirements (including, where required, vaccination status and details of first aid certificate holders) and of accidents and injuries, including compensation and rehabilitation arrangements
  • records relating to staff welfare matters, such as staff study assistance
  • records relating to grievances and complaints, and industrial issues affecting individual staff
  • staff equity data
  • personal promotion information (academic staff)
  • library borrowing records, and other records where staff use QUT services such as the Health Service
  • information concerning visiting researchers or adjunct staff, and other individuals providing services to the University in a voluntary capacity
  • information concerning grants, awards, honours and recognition schemes for staff
  • information concerning staff research output and publications, and staff participation in external and commercial consultancies
  • information concerning staff travel
  • records of staff membership on University and faculty committees.

Staff personal information, particularly as it relates to recruitment, appointment, attendance and other personnel or industrial or workers' compensation processes, is held in our computerised staff information system, or in the physical records of the Human Resources Department. Access to information is restricted to staff of the Human Resources Department, and to other staff only as required to carry out their duties.

Some functions for the management of staff are the responsibility of the organisational unit in which the staff member is employed, and consequently, some records may be held in faculties or schools or in the relevant department within a division (for instance, timesheets and attendance records).

In addition, information concerning research grants and research output are the responsibility of the Academic Division, and teaching evaluation information will be held within Digital Business Solutions.

Access to staff records held in other parts of the University is necessarily more limited, both by functional requirements, and occasionally, by the need to treat these other records with greater confidentiality. In general, access to these records will be limited to the administrative and executive staff of the organisational unit concerned, though the records may be made available to other senior staff if necessary.

Disclosure outside the University occurs only in limited circumstances to:

  • Australian Taxation Office
  • superannuation providers
  • WorkCover and rehabilitation providers
  • staff member's financial institution (payment information only)
  • health insurers (contribution payment information only).