We have standardised abbreviations for our awards, which can be used anywhere qualifications need to be abbreviated. For example, you can use the abbreviations to include letters after your name on a business card.


When you complete a QUT course, you receive an award parchment (certificate) that shows the title of the award you are receiving. The award title may be different to the name that was generally used to refer to your course. For example, your course may have been referred to as the Bachelor of Business (Accountancy), but the official award title is Bachelor of Business. To check the award title for the course you studied, see our lists of active courses and discontinued courses.

There are rules for award titles, and all award titles and any subsequent changes must be approved by the University Academic Board through the curriculum development and approval process. You can read more about our rules for award titles in our Courses and awards policy.


Award levelAbbreviation Examples and details
Certificate Cert CertMechEng.
QUT has discontinued offering certificate level awards.
Advanced Certificate AdvCert AdvCertPolicing.
QUT has discontinued offering advanced certificate level awards.
Associate Diploma AssocDip AssocDipCivEng.
QUT has discontinued offering associate diploma level awards.
Diploma Dip DipTeach(Primary).
QUT has discontinued offering diploma level awards.
Associate Degree AssocDeg AssocDegAppSc
University Certificate UnivCert UnivCertInfTech
University Diploma UnivDip UnivDipInfTech
University Advanced Diploma UnivAdvDip  
University Associate Degree UnivAssocDeg  
Bachelor Degree B BMedia&Comn
Honours Degree B[discipline abbreviation] (Hons) BAppSc(Hons)
Graduate Certificate GradCert GradCertEd
Graduate Diploma GradDip GradDipBiotech
Post Graduate Diploma PostGradDip PostGradDipPsych
Master Degree M MMathSc
Doctoral Degree D See list of approved acronyms below
Honorary Doctorate D DUniv

Acronym examples

Award levelAcronym
Bachelor of Arts BA
Bachelor of Creative Industries BCI
Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA
Bachelor of Laws LLB
Doctor of Creative Industries DCI
Doctor of Education EdD
Doctor of Juridical Science SJD
Doctor of Philosophy PhD
Doctor of Project Management DPM
Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA
Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation GCRC
Master of Arts MA
Master of Business Administration MBA
Master of Fine Arts MFA
Master of Laws LLM
Master of Laws (by Research and Thesis) LLM (Research & Thesis)
Master of Public Health MPH
Master of Creative Industries MCI

Disciplines and study areas


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Aboriginal Ab Not current
Abroad Abroad UniStudyAbroadDip
Not abbreviated
Academic Acad GradCertAcadPrac
Accountancy Accy BBus(Accy)
Accounting Acctg GradDipAdvAcctg
Acting Acting BFA(Acting)
Not abbreviated
Acute Acute MNursing(AcuteCareNursing)
Not abbreviated
Administration Admin GradDipBusAdmin
Administrative Admin Not current
Adult Adult MEd(Adult&W'placeEd)
Not abbreviated
Advanced Adv GradDipAdvAcctg
Advertising Advtg MBus(Advtg)
Aerospace Avionics AeroAv BEng(AeroAv)
Aged Aged GradCertAgedCare
Not abbreviated
Ageing Age GradCertDesEnvAge
Agriculture Agric Not current
Ambulance Ambulance GradCertAmbulanceMgt
Not abbreviated
Analysis Analysis MBA(EcAnalysis)
Not abbreviated
Anatomical Anatomical GradDipMedSc(AnatomicalPathology)
Not abbreviated
And & UrbDev(Urb&RegPlan)
Animation Animation BFA(Animation)
Not abbreviated
Applications Apps BInfTech(WebServ&Apps)
Applied App BAppSc
Aquatic Aq Not current
Architecture Arch MArch
Architectural Practice ArchPrac GradCertArchPrac
Architectural Studies ArchSt BDes(ArchSt)
Arts A/Arts BA, as in BCI(VisArts)
Asian Asian Not abbreviated
Banking Banking BBus(Banking&Finance)
Not abbreviate
Behaviour Behav as in MEd(BehavMgt)
Behavioural Behav BBehavSc(Psych)
Biochemistry Biochem BAppSc(Biochem)
Bioinformatics Bioinf BAppScInnov(Bioinf)
Biological Biol  
Biology Biol as in BAppSc(Hons)(Biol)
Biomedical Biomed BBiomedSc
Not abbreviate
Biotechnology Biotech GradDipBiotech
Building Blg/Bldg GradCertBldgFireSafety
Not current
Buildings Bldgs GradCertBltEnv(HlthyBldgs)
Built Blt BBltEnv
Business Bus BBus


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Cancer Cancer MNursing(CancerNursing)
Not abbreviated
Cardiac Cardiac MCardiac(Ultrasound)
Not abbreviated
Care Care MNursing(CriticalCare)
Not abbreviated
Career Career MEd(CareerGuid)
Not abbreviated
Cartography Cart Not current
Chemistry Chem BAppSc(Chem)
Child Child BTeach(ChildCare)
Not abbreviated
Children Child UnivCertTESOLYngChild
City City Not abbreviated
Civil Civil, Civ BEng(Civil), GradCertCivEng
Classification Class GradCertHlthSc(ClinClass)
Classroom Classroom GradCertEd(ComputersintheClassroom)
Not abbreviated
Clinical Clin GradDipSocSc(ClinHypn)
Commercial Cml LLM(CmlLaw)
Commercialisation Commercialisation MResearch&Commercialisation
Not abbreviated
Commerce Comm MComm
Communication Comn BMedia&Comn
Communications Communications BlnfTech(DataCommunications)
Not abbreviated
Community Com MNursing(ComPrac)
Component Component GradCertInftech(ComponentSoftware&WebServ)
Not abbreviated
Computation Comp BAppScInnov(ScCompVis)
Computational Comp BGames&InteractiveEnt(Animation&CompArts)
Computer Comp GradDipEd(CompEd)
Computers Computers GradCertEd(ComputersintheClassroom)
Not abbreviated
Computing Comp BInfoTech(CompSc)
Construction Const BAppSc(ConstMgt)
Consumer Cons BHlthSc(Fam&ConsSt)
Controlled Cont Not current
Corporate Corporate BAppSc(CorporateMaths)
Not abbreviated
Corruption Corrupt GradCertOrgCrime & CorruptInvest
Counselling Couns MEd(SchoolGuid&Couns)
Court Court Not abbreviated
Creative Creative BA(CreativeWrtgProd)
Not abbreviated
Crime Crime MInternatCrimeMgt
Not abbreviated
Criminology Crim BJus (CriticalCrim)
Critical Critical MNursing(CriticalCare)
Not abbreviated
Cultural Cultural GradDipCI(Arts&CulturalMgt)
Not abbreviated
Curriculum Curriculum GradDipEd(Curriculum)
Not abbreviated
Dance Dance BFA(Dance)
Not abbreviated
Data Data BInfoTech(DataCommunications)
Not abbreviated
Database Database BInfoTech(DatabaseSys)
Dementia Dementia MNursing(Age&DementiaSt)
Not abbreviated
Design Des MDes(UrbDes)
Designed Des GradCertDesEnvAge
Development Devel/Dev GradCertProjDevel
Diagnostic Diagnostic GradDipDiagnosticTech
Not abbreviated
Dietetics Diet BHlthSc(Nutr&Diet)
Digital Digital MA(DigitalMedia)
Not abbreviated
Disaster Disaster MHM (Emergency&DisasterMgt)
Not abbreviated
Drama Drama BFA(Drama)
Not abbreviated


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Early Childhood EC GradDipEd(EC)
Early Childhood Studies ECSt BECSt
Ecology Ecol BAppSc(Ecol)
Economics Ec, Econ BBus(Ec)
BUrbDev (PropEcon)
Editing Edit GradCertCreativeInd(Publish&Edit)
Education Ed Bed
Educational Ed GradDipEd(EdMgt)
Electrical Elec BEng(Elec)
Electricity Elec MEngSc(ElecSupplyEng)
Electronic Electronic BInfTech(ElectronicComm)
Not abbreviated
Electronic Business EBus BBus(EBus)
Electronics Electronics BE(Electronics)BInfoTech
Not abbreviated
Embedded Embed BInfTech(EmbedSys)
Emergency Emergency BHlthSc(EmergencyHlthServ)
Not abbreviated
Emerging Emerging BInfTech(EmergingTechnologies)
Not abbreviated
Engineering Eng/E BEng(Mech)
Engineering Management & Information Systems EMIS Not current
English English Not current
Not abbreviated
Enterprise Enterprise GradCertInfTech(EnterpriseSys)
Not abbreviated
Enterprise/s Ent GradDipCI(Creative&MediaEnt)
Entertainment Industries EntInd BEntInd
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship/Entrep MBA (Entrepreneurship)
abbreviated or not abbreviated
Environment/s Env GradCertBltEnv&Eng
Environmental Env GradCertComnHlth(EnvHlth)
Epidemiology Epidemiology MPH(Epidemiology&ResearchMethods)
Not abbreviated
Event Event GradCertBus(EventMarketing&Mgt)
Not abbreviated
Exercise Exer, Ex MHlthSc(Exer&SportsNutr)
Facilities Facil GradCertFacilMgt
Family Fam BHlthSc(Fam&ConsSt)
Farm Farm Not current
Not abbreviated
Fashion Fashion BFA(Fashion)
Not abbreviated
Film Film GradCertArts(Film&TVProd)
Not abbreviated
Finance Fin/Finance MBus(AppFin)
Fine N/a See list of approved award acronyms
Fire Fire GradCertBldgFireSafety
Not abbreviated
Food Food Not abbreviated
Forensic Forensic BAppSc(ForensicSc)
Not abbreviated
French French Not abbreviated
Futures Futures GradCertEd(LearningFutures)
Not abbreviated


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Games Games GradCertInfTech(WirelessGamesTech)
Not abbreviated
General General GradCertLaw(GeneralPrac)
Not abbreviated
Generic Generic GradCertInfTech(Generic)
Not abbreviated
Geographic Information Systems GIS GradDipGIS
Geology Geol GradDipAppSc(Geol)
Geomatics Geom GradDipGeom
Geoscience Geosc BAppSc(Geosc)
German German Not abbreviated
Gerontology Geront GradDipNursing(Geront)
Governance Gov GradCertMgt (CorporateGov)
Growth Growth MEd(ProfGrowth&CurriculumLeadership)
Not abbreviated
Guidance Guid MEd(CareerGuid)
Health Hlth GradDipHlthSc
Healthy Hlthy GradCertBltEnvir(HlthyBlds)
Higher Higher GradCertEd(HigherEd)
Not abbreviated
Home Economics HomeEc BAppSc(HomeEc)
Horticulture Hort Not current
Hospitality Hosp Not current
Human Hum MSocSc(HumServ)
Humanities Hum Not current
Human Movement Studies HMS BAppSc(HMS)
Human Resource Management HRM BBus(HRM)
Hypnosis Hypn GradDipSocSc(ClinHypn)


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Imaging Imaging GradCertAppSc(MedImaging)
Not abbreviated
Inclusive Incl MEd(LearningSupport&InclEd)
Industrial Ind BDes(IndDes)
Industry Indus MFA(MusicIndusProf)
Infection Infec BBiomedSci(InfecImmunity)
Infomechatronics Infomechatronics BEng(Infomechatronics)
Not abbreviated
Information Info/Inf BInfoTech
Infrastructure Infr MInfrMgt
Innovation Innov BBiotechInnov
Inservice Inservice Not current
Not abbreviated
Inspection Inspect Not current
Instruction Instr GradDipDanceInstr
Instrumentation Inst Not current
Integrated Marketing Communication IMC MBus(IMC)
Intelligent Intelligent BInfTech(IntelligentSys)
Not abbreviated
Intelligence Intelligence MLaws(Intelligence)
Not abbreviated
Intensive Int GradCertNursing(IntCareNursing)
Interactive Interactive BInfTech(InteractiveMedia)
Not abbreviated
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary BCI(Hons)(Interdisciplinary)
Interior Int BDes(IntDes)
International Internat/Int BBus(InternatBus)
Investigation/s Invest BJus(Invest&Policing)
Islander Is Not current
Journalism Journ BJourn
Justice Jus BJus
Justice Studies JusSt Not current


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Knowledge Knowledge MInfMgt(Inf&KnowledgeMgt)
Not abbreviated
Laboratory Lab Not current
Land Land Not abbreviated
Landscape L BDes(LArch)
Language/s Lang MEd(Lang&LitEd)
Law Law Not abbreviated GradCertLaw
Laws N/a See list of approved award acronyms
Leadership Leadership MEd(Leadership&Mgt)
Not abbreviated
Learning Learning GradDipEd(LearningSupport)
Not abbreviated
Legal Legal GradCertLegalSt
Not abbreviated
Librarianship Lib GradDipEd(TeachLib)
Library Lib GradDipLib&InfSt
Life Life MAppSc(LifeSc)
Not abbreviated
Lighting Lighting MLighting
Not abbreviated
Literacy Lit MEd(Lang&LitEd)
Litigation Litigation GradCertLaw(Litigation)
Not abbreviated


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Management Mgt BBus(Mgt)
Manufacturing Mfg Not current
Marine Marine GradCertEd(MarineSt)
Not abbreviated
Marketing Marketing BBus(Marketing)
Not abbreviated
Mass Communications MassComn BMassComn
Materials Materials GradCertEng(MaterialsTech)
Mathematical Math MMathSc
Mathematics Maths BMaths
Mechanical Mech BEng(Mech)
Media Media BMedia&Comn
Medical Med BAppSc(MedSc)
Mental Mental MNursing(MentalHlth)
Not abbreviated
Methods Methods MPH(Epidemiology&ResearchMethods)
Not abbreviated
Microbiology Microbiol BAppSc(Microbiol)
Middle Middle GradDipEd (MiddleYears)
Not abbreviated
Midwifery Midwifery BMidwifery
Not abbreviated
Molecular Mol BBiomedSc(CellMolBiotech)
Movement Movement BExMovementSc
Not abbreviated
Multimedia Multimedia GradCertInfTech(Multimedia)
Multistrand Multistrand Not current
Not abbreviated
Municipal Mun Not current
Music Music/Mus BCI(Music)
Network Net BInfTech(NetSys)
New New MBA (NewVentureMgt)
Not abbreviated
Nonprofit Np GradCert (Philanthropy&NpSt)
Numeracy Num GradCertEd(Lit&Num)
Nursing Nursing MNursing
Not abbreviated
Nsg is an alternate but not current abbreviation for Nursing
Nutrition Nutr BHlthSc(Nutr & Diet)


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Ocular Oc GradDipOcTher
Occupational Occ MPH(Eng&OccHlthServ)
Occupational Health & Safety OHS BHlthSc(OHS)
Optometry Optom MOptom
Organisational Org GradCertEd(Adult&OrgLearning)
Organised Crime OrgCrime GradCertOrgCrime&CorruptInvest
Outdoor Outdoor Not abbreviated
Packaging Pkg Not current
Paediatric Paed GradCertPaedChild&YthHlthNursing
Paramedic Paramedic BHlthSc(Paramedic)
Not abbreviated
Parliamentary Parl Not current
Pathology Pathology GradDipMedSc(AnatomicalPathology)
Not abbreviated
Patient Patient Not abbreviated
Performance Perf BFA(DancePerf)
Performing Perf Not current
Personnel Pers Not current
Philanthropy Philanthropy GradCert(Philanthropy&NpSt)
Not abbreviated
Physical Phys MEd(PhysEd)
Physics Phys BAppSc(Phys)
Physiology Physiol BBiomedSci(HumPhysiol)
Planning Plan MUrbDev(Urb&RegPlan)
Podiatry Pod BHlthSc(Pod)
Policing Policing BJus (InternatPolicing)
Not abbreviated
Policy Policy MPubPolicy
Not abbreviated
Power Generation PwrGen MEng(PwrGen)
Practice Prac GradCertSocSc (ClinHypnPrac)
Pre-school Education - Leadership PE-L UnivDPE-L
Preservice Preservice GradDipEd(Preservice)
Not abbreviated
Primary Prim BEd(Prim)
Processing Proc Not current
Production Prod BFA(Film&ScreenProd)
Professional Prof MInfTech(Prof)
Professions Prof MFA(MusicIndusProf)
Project Proj GradDipProjMgt
Promotion Prom GradDipHlthProm
Property Prop BUrbDev(PropEc)
Psychology Psych BSocSc(Psych)
Public Pub MEd(PubEd)
Public Relations PublicRelations MBus(PublicRelations)
Not abbreviated
Publishing Publish Not current


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Quality Qual GradDipQual
Quantity Quant BUrbDev(QuantSurv)
Queensland Qld GradCertHlthMgt(QldHlth)
Radiation Rad BAppSc(MedRadTech)
Radiography Radiog Not current
Railway Rail MEng(RailInfr)
Reading Reading Not abbreviated
Real Real Not abbreviated
Records Records MInfMgt(RecordsMgt)
Not abbreviated
Recreation Rec Not current
Regional Reg MUrbDev(Urb&RegPlan)
Relations Rel GradDipBus(IndRel)
Relationships R'ships Not current
Reporting Rpt Not current
Research Research LLM(Research&Thesis)
Not abbreviated
Residential Res  
Resource/s Res LLM(Env&ResLaw)
Risk Risk MHlthSc(RiskMgt)
Not abbreviated
Road Rd GradDipRdSafety
Rugby Rugby GradCertRugbySt
Not abbreviated
Rural Rur Not current


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Safety Safety GradCertBldgFireSafety
Not abbreviated
School School MEd(SchoolGuid&Couns)
Not abbreviated
Schooling Schooling GradCertEd(MiddleYearsofSchooling)
Not abbreviated
Science Sc BSocSc
Scientific Sc  
Scientific Computation & Visualisation ScCompVis BAppScInnov(ScCompVis)
Second Second Not abbreviated
Secondary Sec BEd(Sec)
Secretarial Sec  
Sector Sector GradCertMgt(PubSectorMarketing)
Not abbreviated
Security Security GradCertInfTech(InfSecurity)
Not abbreviated
Services Serv BHlthSc(EmergHlthServ)
Skills Skills GradCertEd(AdvSkillsTeach)
Not abbreviated
Social Soc MSocWk
Sociology Sociol Not current
Software Software BEng(SoftwareEng)
Not abbreviated
Sound Sound BCI(SoundDesign)
Not abbreviated
Spatial Spatial BUrbDev(SpatialSc)
Not abbreviated
Special Spec Not current
Sports Sports Not abbreviated
Strategic Strat/Strategic GradCertStratIntelligence
Strategic Procurement STP As in EMBus(STP)
Strategy Strategy GradCertMgt(Strategy)
Not abbreviated
Structural Struct Not current
Studies St GradDipLib&InfSt
Study Study UniStudyAbroadDip
Not abbreviated
Sugar Sugar Not current
Supply Supply MEngSc(ElecSupplyEng)
Not abbreviated
Support Support GradDipEd(LearningSupport)
Not abbreviated
Surgical Surg GradDipNursing(Med/SurgNursing)
Surveying Surv BUrbDev(QuantSurv)
Systems Sys MEng(Sys)
Taxation Tax GradCertLaw(Tax)
Teacher Teach GradDipEd(TeachLib)
Teaching Teach MTeach
Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL BEdSt(PrimTEFL)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL GradCertEd(TESOL)
Technical Tech BFA(TechProd)
Technician Tech Tech
Techniques Tech GradCertL'scapeTech
Technology Tech BInfTech(Hons)
Technologies Technologies BInfTech(EmergingTechnologies)
Not abbreviated
Telecommunications Telecomms BEng(Telecomms)
Television TV BFA(TVProducing)
Tertiary Tert Not current
Textiles Text Not current
Theatre Theatre Not abbreviated
Therapeutic/s Ther Not current
Therapy Therapy Not abbreviated
Thesis Thesis LLM(Research&Thesis)
Not abbreviated
Timber Timber Not abbreviated
Tourism Tourism Not abbreviated
Training Train Med(VocEd&Train)
Transactions Transactions GradCertLaw(CmlTransactions)
Not abbreviated
Transport Transport MEng(Transport)
Not abbreviated


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Ultrasound Ultrasound GradCertAppSc(MedUltrasound)
Not abbreviated
University Uni UniStudyAbroadDip
Urban Urb GradDipUrb&RegPlan
Valuation Val Not current
Venture Venture MBA(NewVentureMgt)
Vision Vis BVisSc
Visual Vis BA(VisArts)
Visualisation Vis BAppSc(ScCompVis)


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Web Web MInfMgt(WebMgt)
Not abbreviated
Welfare Welf Not current
Wide Wide GradCertInfTech(EnterpriseWideSoftware)
Not abbreviated
Wireless Wireless Not current
Not abbreviated
Women's Womens MNursing(WomensHlth)
Writing Wrtg BCI(CreativeWrtg)
Workplace W'Place MEd(Adult&W'placeEd)


DisciplineAbbreviation Examples and details
Years Years GradDipEd(EarlyYears)
Not abbreviated
Young Yng UnivCertTESOLYngChild
Youth Yth MNursing(Paed,Child & YthHlthNursing)