You can find parking at both our Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses.

Parking is available to staff, students, and the general public. All parking on campus incurs a fee.

Because parking is very limited, we encourage you to consider alternative transport options like public transport, cycling or carpooling.

Casual parking locations

Pay on exit

There are pay-on-exit parking facilities at both Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses.

Gardens Point

  • P Block (Science and Engineering Centre)
  • SZC  Block (Parking by permit only from 7am-4pm Monday to Friday. Casual parking available on weekday evenings and weekends.)
  • Under freeway car park

Kelvin Grove

  • F Block
  • J Block
  • Sports Lane.

Pay and display

At our Kelvin Grove campus, you can use a number of smaller pay-and-display parking areas These include:

  • K Block
  • Rainforest
  • H Block
  • Z9 Block.

Casual parking rates

Weekday parking

Duration of stay Gardens Point Kelvin Grove
Up to 1 hour $15 $5
1 to 2 hours $30 $10
2 to 3 hours $45 $15
3 to 4 hours $60 $20
4 to 5 hours $75 $25
5 to 6 hours $75 $30
6 to 7 hours $75 $30
7 to 8 hours $75 $35
8 to 9 hours $75 $35
9 to 24 hours $75 $35
Lost or damaged ticket $75 $35

All prices include GST.

Evening parking at Gardens Point

If you enter after 6pm and exit before midnight, you’ll be charged at a rate of $5 per hour.

Weekend and public holiday parking (pay on exit car parks only)

Access a low daily rate for parking on weekends. These rates are not applicable at pay-and-display car parks.

  • Gardens Point: $10 per entry
  • Kelvin Grove: $5 per entry

Using pay-and-display parking

Pre-pay for your parking at one of the ticket machines in the car park. You’ll receive a ticket, which much be displayed on your vehicle while you’re using the car park.

You can pay with card or coins. Parking without a ticket may incur a fine. Infringement notices will be issued to vehicles:

  • that do not display a valid ticket or permit
  • whose ticket or permit is not completely visible through the windscreen
  • that are not parked in a designated bay
  • that overstay the time printed on their ticket.

Any faults with the ticket machine can be reported by calling 3138 2225, from 8.30am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Using pay on exit parking

Enter the car park and press the green button to receive your ticket. When you return to the car park, you can pay at:

  • any pay station with cash or card
  • the exit boom-gate with card only.

Fees apply for each 24 hour period. You must pay before you can exit the car park.

Motorcycle parking

We provide a number of designated motorcycle parking bays at both campuses.

Free motorcycle parking

Free outdoor motorcycle parking is available at both our Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses.

Gardens Point

  • C Block (level 1).

Kelvin Grove

  • K Block
  • D/E Block
  • G Block Laneway
  • S Block (rear)
  • M Block (rear)
  • Creative Industries Precinct (lot 5).

Paid motorcycle parking

You can access any of our casual parking locations for our standard parking rates. You may be issued with an infringement notice if you attempt to ride around the entry and exit boom gate.

Disability parking

We provide a number of designated disability parking bays at both campuses. These bays are exclusively reserved for customers who hold a disability parking permit.

Free disability parking

You can access free outdoor designated disability parking if you have either:

  • an Australian Disability Parking permit (purple colour)
  • a Queensland Disability Parking permit (blue colour).

Paid disability parking

You can access paid disability parking if you have:

  • a Queensland Disability Parking permit (red colour)
  • a Disability Parking Permit issued by another state/territory.

You must display your disability permit and:

  • a valid pay-and-display ticket
  • QUT "M" Type permit.

This includes our undercover casual parking facilities.

Disability parking locations

Find disability parking with the accessibility maps for Gardens Point (PDF file, 214.7 KB) and Kelvin Grove (PDF file, 200.8 KB).

Parking regulations

We issue infringement notices to vehicles that contravene campus parking regulations. Fines for individual offences range from half a penalty unit up to 10 penalty units as defined under the Penalty and Sentences Act 1992.

Vehicles parked in contravention of the Act can also be seized, removed or held as per Schedule 1, Section 9 of the QUT Act (1998).

Transfer liability

If you've been issued with an infringement notice but you weren't in charge of the vehicle at the time of the infringement, you can transfer liability to another driver.

Transfer liability to another driver (PDF file, 701.6 KB)

Paying infringements

Infringements must be made within 28 days of the alleged breach. You can pay your fine through:

  • QUTPay
  • BPay
  • credit card
  • cheque
  • Australia Post.

Failure to pay (or appeal) your fine within 28 days will result in a reminder notice being sent and a further fee being added to the fine. Should the matter remain unpaid, it will then be transferred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for recovery action and will incur further costs.

Infringement waiver

If you think you were incorrectly issued with an infringement, you can request an infringement waiver. Infringements are only waived in exceptional circumstances and we will not engage in further correspondence once a final decision has been made.

Infringement waiver request

Contact parking services