Australian-made smart positioning tech to provide big competition

New Australian-made positioning technology based on QUT research is set to compete with global brands in monitoring risk and safety of road bridges, high-rise buildings, dams and other major natural or constructed structures.

QUT and Hastings Deering dig deep on new data partnership

QUT and heavy equipment supplier Hastings Deering have joined forces to advance emerging data science technologies to build better returns for customers, partners, and investors alike.

QUT to lead alternative food research and support food security

QUT will play a leading role in ensuring food security and positioning Australia in new food industries expected to create thousands of jobs with its partnership in two newly funded projects.

Funding boost for renewable energy systems partnership

A QUT research and industry partnership to boost critical mineral production for renewable energy systems today received a $5.24 million boost from the Federal Government.

Genetic study identifies migraine causes and promising therapeutic targets

QUT genetic researchers have found blood proteins that cause migraine and have a shared link with Alzheimer’s disease that could potentially be prevented by repurposing existing therapeutics.

Space facilities ‘go for launch’ with new ARC funding

QUT has received $1.2 million in new ARC funding and a green light to build Australia’s largest covered outdoor facility for testing equipment, robotics and materials processing techniques in realistic Moon, Mars and asteroid conditions.