Our partners will have access to a set of high calibre professionals, tools and technologies that will improve their capacity and capability in problem solving and decision making.

Research solutions

All evolving industries have complicated problems related to mathematical analysis whose solution will lead to improved efficiency and profitability.

Such problems can vary widely from a technical nature and cannot be solved by a few days input by a consultant.

By partnering with us, the company taps into the technical expertise available through the Australian Technology Network for the best match to the project. In addition, each project will have a company supervisor familiar with the progress of the research and mindful of the project objectives.

Upskilling existing employees

By nominating an existing employee, the company will ultimately have a person with a detailed knowledge of a problem area of immediate relevance to the business.

Employees will bring back to the company greater abilities in problem-solving aided by additional technical skills not necessarily present in the traditional PhD graduate.

It is expected that the employee will spend two thirds of their research time physically located in the company site.

Access to highly trained potential recruits

All students in the program will attend and participate in:

  • a research induction workshop
  • Maths in Industry Study Group Workshop in each year (where they will be exposed to a variety of industry-generated problems)
  • Student Conference in midyear (where they will deliver a research seminar on their research topic).

At these networking events the students will take advanced technical coursework lectures delivered by experts and receive training in managerial skills such as report writing and seminar delivery.

Company representatives are welcome to observe the Student Conference deliveries of the cohort and may which to take the opportunity ultimately to recruit from these highly trained graduates.

Contact us

We want to hear about your 'here-and-now' industry problems that require a research and development focus.

Please contact Professor Troy Farrell to arrange an initial meeting.

Phone: +61 7 3138 2364

Email: atnidtc@qut.edu.au

All IDTC communication with the private sector is confidential, and we respect your commercial in confidence requirements at all times.