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Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008

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Anna is a PhD Candidate, Research Assistant, and Sessional Academic with the Urban Informatics Research Group, QUT Design Lab and School of Design at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. She graduated her B.Des Architectural Studies (Hons1) at QUT 2013, M.Arch QUT 2014.

Anna is a lecturer, research assistant and sessional academic across the disciplines of design at QUT in areas such as visualisation, design studio (Architecture and Landscape Architecture), design theory, design history and more.

She is involved with several research projects eg The InstaBoothHCI After Dark, Dignity First Homelessness Hackathon, The Hospital Burrow Project, and Vis-Ability Tactile Model) since graduating from the Master of Architecture at the School of Design at QUT at the end of 2014. Anna’s research is transdisciplinary with focus on socio-spatial structures of the urban public space, urban assemblages and social affordances of the public place, temporal civic activity, territoriality, and temporary public urban places. Driven by a curiosity of the authentically imperfect and temporal found in a transient urban public place. Anna is supervised by Dr Mirko Guaralda, Dr Severine Mayere, Dr Julie-Anne Carroll and Jaz Hee-Jong Choi (external).

Anna’s PhD titled Border Nomads: An Architectural Investigation of Transient Public Urban Place explores the significance and meaning of transient public urban place to urban actors who operate in the societal margin.


Anna is the unit coordinator for DYB111 Create and Represent: Form which teaches first-year students about the creation and representation of form through physical and digital model making, drawing techniques, and conceptual abstraction.

Anna is also a sessional tutor at QUT, teaching a variety of design related topics such as Create and Represent: Material (B. Des), Impact Lab 2 (B. Des), Architecture and the City (B.Des [Arch]), Design Studio (B.Des [Arch] & B.Des [L.Arch]), Design and Creative Thinking (IVD), Design Research Methods (B.Arch), Design Visualisation (B.Des [Arch] & B. Des [L. Arch]), Design History (B. Des), Spatial Histories (B. Des), Design Psychology (B.Des [Int]), Architecture, Culture and Place (B.Des [Arch]), Design and Society (B.Des [Int]), Design and Sustainability (B.Des).


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