As a major Australian university, QUT ambitiously positions itself as a university for the real world of today and tomorrow. We recognise our important responsibility to be an institution that is not only environmentally and socially responsible but also financially sustainable.

In practical terms, this means that QUT is committed to an orderly and considered transition away from investment in fossil fuel companies while simultaneously ensuring that QUT continues to build the broader funding base essential for our future.

In line with this commitment, we have reviewed QUT's investments relative to climate risk and instituted changes to the University's investment strategy.

QUT steps toward social and responsible investment

  • QUT has no fossil fuel direct investments.
  • While we recognise that the fossil fuel industry is a significant contributor to Queensland's regional economy and presents a significant opportunity for QUT to influence this sector through the provision of leadership education and research, we are working with our independent investment manager, QIC, to manage investments so that no fossil fuel investments of material significance form part of the QUT investment portfolio.
  • We have engaged QIC as external funds manager to ensure that QUT's investment pool is directed to ethical and appropriate investments within a framework of responsibility relative to climate risk.
  • QIC became a signatory in 2008 to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (UNPRI). They report annually on their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) activities.
  • Finance and Planning Committee takes an active role in monitoring and reporting on QUT's revised investment strategy in order to ensure sustained financial return in line with social and responsible investment.