Incompatible unit
See anti-requisite.
Annual financial adjustments made to Commonwealth contributions, maximum student contributions, HELP debts and repayment thresholds to maintain their real value.
Indicative course fees
Estimated cost of a course, based on unit prices. Usually expressed as a semester fee.
Interfaculty degree
A single or double degree that is based upon core components from two or more faculties at QUT.
Internal student
A student studying all units in a teaching period through on-campus attendance (e.g., lectures, tutorials and laboratories). See also attendance mode.
International student
A student who is not an Australian citizen, a citizen of New Zealand, or the holder of an Australian Permanent Resident Visa or a permanent humanitarian visa.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
An English language proficiency test for entry into higher education, immigration and employment.


Leave Of Absence (LOA)
Requested by students who require a period of absence from their course. Normally, leave of absence will not be granted in the first semester of the first year of study, unless under medical, compassionate or other exceptional circumstances.
Typically an instructive, oral presentation delivered by teaching staff or guest lecturers. Presentations are related to themes or concepts from the unit.
Letter Of Release (LOR)
Issued by the university to international student visa holders seeking to transfer to another CRICOS registered institution in Australia.
Location code
Indicates the home campus of a student's course for the purpose of enrolment. However, this may not mean that all units will be held on this campus. Location codes are:
  • KG: Kelvin Grove
  • GP: Gardens Point.


See study area A.
Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP)
QUT's Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) is the definitive policy resource guiding the operations of the University. The MOPP incorporates legislative and statutory provisions and University-wide policies and procedures. See Manual of Policies and Procedures.
Masters by coursework
Postgraduate program requiring completion of at least 2 semesters of equivalent full-time study. Programs consist of a series of specialist courses and sometimes a research component. Students can enter most programs with a relevant bachelor degree and work experience, or on completion of a related graduate diploma or graduate certificate.
Masters by research
See higher degree by research.
Mature-age entry
See alternative entry.
See study area B.